Greenshades Online Payroll Update

October 6, 2022

Enhanced Feature - Workers Comp: Addition of Workers Comp Rates and Effective Dates

  • Background: The workspace level company structures for positions have historically supported the ability to tie a workers compensation code to a position as     well as the ability to provide state specific codes against said positions. However, Greenshades had not previously captured worker's comp     rates or tracked effective dates for when these codes will be applied.
  • What’s new? The Position setup has been expanded to accept workers compensation rates as  well as apply effective dates for when these codes will start being applied. These codes and rates can be expanded to the state level or left as a     “default” value for non-state specific uses.

Old Workers Compensation Settings:

New Workers Compensation Settings:


Company Positions Setup: > Settings Tab > Company Info > Company Structure > Add / Edit Positions

Enhanced Feature - Greenshades API: Employees in Pay Runs + Hours & Earnings in Pay Runs

  • Background: The Greenshades API is a public facing set of endpoints for our clients and partners to utilize with the goal of integrating our data into other     systems (i.e. Accounting packages, reporting software, relevant HCM solutions, etc.).
  • What’s new? This latest release has launched endpoints to interact with the data contained  within the Employees Step and Hours & Earnings step of the Pay Run Wizard. These endpoints can be used to facilitate direct integrations into active  Pay Runs inside of the Greenshades Payroll software.
  • Employee Endpoints:
  • GET: Information  about all employee/s included in a pay run
  • POST: Add an employee to a pay run
  • PUT: Modify information about an employee included in a pay run
  • DELETE: Remove an employee from a pay run
  • Hours & Earnings  Endpoints:
  • GET: All pay run earnings in a given pay run
  • GET: a pay run  earning by its id
  • POST: Create new  pay run earnings
  • PUT: Update existing pay run earnings
  • DELETE: Remove an   existing pay run earning

Employee Endpoints data (in the UI):

Hours & Earnings Endpoints data (in the UI):


Greenshades API Development Portal

Enhanced Feature - General Ledger: Support dimensions on GL Batch SummaryScreen and GL Summary Report

  • Background: The Post Pay Run GL Batch Review screen as well as the GL summary report did     not present the users with the mapped Dimensions.
  • What’s new? To further support our clients that are using dimensional accounting, especially those using Business Central and Sage, we have expanded our GL     reporting to ensure that dimensions are included in both the interface and  exports of these reports.

General Ledger Account Summary Report (with Dimensions):

General Ledger Post Pay Run Batch Review (with Dimensions):


General Ledger Account Summary Report: >Reports Tab > General Ledger Section> Account Summary

General Ledger Post Pay Batch Review: >Payroll Tab > View Pay Run (in the completed pay run widget) >General Ledger Section >Review Batch

Enhanced Feature - General Ledger: Small enhancements to GL Preview

  • Background: The new General Ledger Preview functionality had not yet supported a Credit  and Debit summary section. This of course made the feature far less useful when it is meant to be utilized as an “at a glance” tool.
  • What’s new? The feature has been expanded via the following two changes:
  • Credit and Debit totals  have been added at the top of the page to allow for a quick review that  the ledger is balanced prior to submission
  • The button to access the  preview has been visually adjusted on the Review & Submit step to separate itself more clearly from the account change functions


General Ledger Preview in the Review & Submit Step:


General Ledger Preview: > Payroll Tab > Start / Continue Pay Run > Review & Submit

Enhanced Feature - Reporting: Tax and Wage Summary Report Expanded

  • Background: Practitioners  and their accountants did not have a Greenshades provided report that summarized     the total tax liabilities (EE/ ER) per pay run, or across other date     ranges, that was sectioned into tax type totals. The current report only provided a detail view that would likely not fit the less detailed     reporting requirements of some users.
  • What’s new? The  newly added “summary” tab in the report provides a way for clients to  quickly see the total amounts that need to be paid out from their payrolls     sectioned by logical Tax Types (i.e. Federal Income Tax, State Taxes,  etc.).


New Tax and Wage “Summary” Tab:

New Tax and Wage “Summary” Tab (exported):


Tax and Wage Summary Report: > Reports Tab > Tax and Wage Summary Report


Tax Announcement – Fix for CA SDI Multi-state results

Summary: Due to a prevailing tax issue with a partnering software, Greenshades payroll tax calculations have changed the way they apply CA SDI. Previously, in multi-state work scenarios, employees may have received too little or $0 in CA SDI withholdings.

Impact: The provided fix will remedy issues for employees that have their primary work location set as CA to ensure the SDI will only been taken as CA SDI. Additionally, the total amount of SDI taken will be for all earnings in that pay period, even if the employee worked across multiple states, not just CA.


Pay Runs: > Payroll Tab > Start / Continue Pay Run >Preview Paystub

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