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until Jan 31 when Year-End Forms are due.  Are you prepared? Find out Now
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Master the complexities of payroll, HR, and taxes by downloading these eBooks

greenshades and HR report cover in an ebook.
The Challenges of Payroll and Compliance in 2022-23

A joint study with Greenshades and the HR Research Institute revealed how recent global events and current economic conditions have impacted payroll and compliance.

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the role of payroll in employee retention whitepaper
The Role of Payroll in Employee Retention

Understand the value of accurate, efficient payroll in curbing costly employee turnover in this white paper.

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stress free and faster payroll ebook
Secrets to Stress Free & Faster Payroll Processing

Learn how Greenshades' partnership with Lathem’s PayClock Online has resulted in simplified and efficient daily payroll and HR tasks.

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Mockup Screen of Greenshades ebook -  The Core of Comprehensive payroll and HR
Greenshades Comprehensive Product ebook

Learn how to get started with Greenshades as well as our products. The complete Greenshades guide.

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Simplifying and automating complicated taxes ebook loaded on a tablet
Simplify & Automate Stressful Payroll Taxes ebook

Learn how to automate and simplify complex payroll taxes.

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Supporting the deskless worker ebook loaded on a tablet
Supporting The Deskless Worker ebook

Learn how the deskless worker is changing the forefront of businesses and how to support them.

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5 reasons to move to the cloud ebook loaded on a tablet
Moving to the Cloud? 5 Reasons to Start with Payroll eBook

Moving your payroll to the cloud has several benefits. Learn why your company should consider moving your payroll.

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