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Keep Your Payroll and HR Operations Up to Speed

In the manufacturing industry, speed and efficiency on your production lines keep your business running smoothly. At Greenshades we make sure your payroll and HR operations run just as smoothly by taking your most time-consuming processes and streamlining with automation. Spend less time entering information and doing manual calculations, and focus on ways to improve revenue.
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Quick and Efficient Payroll
Your payroll should not be a time-consuming, daunting process, Greenshades automates payroll calculations, and with our payroll wizard, you can run payroll in a matter of minutes.
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Easily Manage Irregular Schedules
Managing hours for employees working overnight, across different departments, including overtime, or any other complex scheduling can be difficult, Greenshades has you covered.
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Keep Your Employees Certified and Safe
House all required documents and certifications in one secure location. With a configurable view, employees only view and receive notifications for the documents that are required for their position.
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Automated Payroll Solution

Processing payroll can already be complicated, and adding a large hourly workforce with diverse schedules can become even more difficult. Greenshades automates your complex payroll calculations, and with our intuitive payroll wizard, you can quickly identify necessary payroll corrections so you can review and submit your payroll in a matter of minutes. With direct deposit, the ability to issue checks, and through our paycard integration with Branch, you can pay your employees in whatever method works for them.

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Easily Recruit and Train Top Talent

The skill gap in the manufacturing industry makes recruiting skilled workers a daunting task, but with Greenshades, it does not have to be. Through JazzHR, Greenshades makes finding skilled workers a streamlined process. Instead of spending time going through numerous applications, you can quickly identify the qualified applicants needed for your organization. With ongoing training, you can continue to cultivate and retail your top talent.

HR Solutions
Increase Productivity Across Your HR Team

Human resource managers have the task of managing the changes in the manufacturing industry while still overseeing their everyday processes. Our human resource solutions work for you, so managers reduce administrative tasks and have more time to retain top talent. Spend less time organizing necessary employee documentation by storing them in one centralized location in the cloud. Through employee self-service, managers can delegate responsibility to their employees, and with configurable views, your managers are only responsible for overseeing their employee's activity. Our onboarding software allows managers to enjoy a hands-off approach to open enrollment. Employees are educated on plans they are eligible for, so if any emergency arises while on the job, they understand their options for leave and medical care.

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Thorough Compliance Checks

Staying in line with payroll and workplace compliance can be tricky in the manufacturing industry when there is an added layer of compliance needs that must be met. With Greenshades, we help you stay in line with federal, state, and local laws for your payroll and HR operations. During onboarding, configure workflows to ensure the proper documentation is uploaded. Stay up to date with required training and using our cloud-based software, you can house important documentation and certifications.

Employee Management
Stress-Free Scheduling and Management

Managers can spend more time managing productivity, and less time managing complex manufacturing employees’ schedules. Workers can clock in from any location and at any time using their mobile device, employee portal, or a physical time clock. With Greenshades timesheets, you can track hours worked, PTO, and complex time-keeping needs such as overtime and shift differentials. Managers can quickly identify areas for concern, so they can easily review timesheets before approval.

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Employee Self-Service
Connect with Employees No Matter Where They Are

Staying connected with warehouse or field workers can be hard because they are consistently on their feet performing physical tasks. Communicate important announcements through bulletins and graphics, and notifications to keep employees up to date on essential training or task assigned to them. Greenshades Employees gives your workers access to update personal information, self-enroll in benefits, access to important documents and paystubs, and the ability to request time off. So instead of chasing down managers to put in requests, they can do it themselves.

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“I have reports in over 20 states, and Greneshades makes quarterly and annual tax reporting a breeze. I also use the green employee and my people love it.”
Beco Inc.
“Very good product for what I do. And always get the needed assistance when needed.”
Culinaire International Consolidated
“We handle large scale payrolls where an employee portal is key. We include GS on all of our payrolls- we can't deliver an amazing solution to our customers without it!”
One Vision
“I get help with anything I need and it is amazing.”
Centurion Stone
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Discover the most commonly asked questions about Payroll and HR software for manufacturing companies.
What is the role of HR in the manufacturing industry?
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Human resources are critical to managing the core of your organization, your employees. Human resource teams in the manufacturing industry’s core functions include:

  • Recruiting and Retaining: Attracting skilled and qualified workers can be difficult in the manufacturing industry due to the skill shortage. The use of ATS software (applicant tracking system) can help you to quickly sort through applications by identifying qualified workers. With the high turnover rate in the manufacturing industry, retainment can also present a set of challenges. Opportunities for growth, competitive benefits, compensation packages, and providing an engaging and positive work environment can help to attract and retain workers.
  • Training and Development: Training is crucial to keeping workers safe in the manufacturing industry. Human resources help to ensure employees are up to date on the latest training. Employees also seek growth so human resources facilitate ongoing training, mentors, career development, and other initiatives that contribute to career development.
  • Benefits and Compensation: Educating employees on their options for benefits packages, 401k, and their paid time off. The human resource department is also in charge of ensuring accurate and timely payroll, they are faced with the challenge of calculating the proper deductions.
  • Appraisals: Collect feedback from managers on employee performance to create a plan to help employees to improve. This feedback can help to determine raises and promotions for the employees. When facilitated in a productive manner, appraisals can help employees to feel motivated to continue to grow within the company.
What are payroll challenges for the manufacturing industry?
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Payroll in any industry is critical to keep employees satisfied and to protect a company’s reputation. On top of the normal complex payroll calculations, the manufacturing industry presents a unique set of challenges when processing payroll.

  • Hourly workforce: Calculating payroll for hourly workers can be difficult because you may have to calculate overtime, shift differentials, and adhere to laws set for exempt workers. Piecework is the practice of paying workers based upon tasks completed, units produced, or other similar quantitative measures. This can present a challenge to accurately calculating pay.
  • Union Workers: Union work has a heavy impact on the manufacturing industry. You must do the proper union deductions, the correct union benefit calculations, and lastly the ability to create union reports.
  • Overtime: You must accurately calculate overtime for your hourly employees. The IRS standard method for calculating overtime is OT= (Base Rate + (0.5 x RROP)) x HoursWorked.
  • Allowances: All manufacturing companies pay allowances to their workers. The allowances are based on regulations set by the government and the company. Allowance payments can vary based on location, so it is important to ensure the correct allowance payouts.
What is good payroll software for the manufacturing industry?
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Greenshades software has a track record of success servicing the manufacturing industry. We are equipped to handle the complex scheduling, payroll complexities, and compliance issues when it comes to handling payroll and HR operations for manufacturing companies. We understand the unique challenges facing the manufacturing industry including the high turnover, skill shortage, low employee engagement, and training and development. Our software is built to help you navigate these HR challenges with ease by automating your complex payroll and scheduling processes, and streamlining your HR processes to help you attract and retain top talent.