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Simplifying Payroll and HR for the Staffing Industry

With 20 years of experience serving the staffing sector, Greenshades has the right blend of Payroll and HR solutions your organization needs to succeed.
600 US Mid-Market Staffing Customers Served
Over 1 Million Employees Supported
20 Years of Industry Experience
Payroll and HR solutions designed to support hardworking staffing teams.
Enable Employees to Onboard Themselves
In a business like yours, we know it’s vital that every new hire is made efficiently. Developed with multi-site staffing agencies in mind, our onboarding platform allows you to set up workflows for all your locations and positions so new employees can onboard themselves via an intuitive, self-service process.
Manage Payroll Across Locations
Have payroll batches with employees across multiple locations and tax parameters? No problem. Our platform makes it easy to assign hours to different locations within the same pay period and employee. It automatically accounts for tax code assignments (no need to manually switch tax codes when an employee moves to a new site) and tax reciprocity agreements.
Support for Every Scenario Within the Employee Cycle
With transient employees - especially those who are hired and rehired dozens of times - it’s difficult to track Payroll and HR items correctly. Our platform makes it easy to re-hire and reactivate employees, while keeping a single employee record. We also provide trouble-free termination pay and limitless special pay runs to handle any edge cases.
Empower Multiple Administrators
Manage your staffing teams with simple permission settings to control who can view and interact with specific groups of employees. And to get even the biggest jobs done, multiple payroll processors can work on the same payroll batch, with visibility and permissions assigned individually.
Stay Compliant, Automatically
Our compliance engine automatically alerts you of potential compliance issues covering ACA, new hire reporting, garnishment orders, wage bases adjustments and more. On-the-fly exception management and warnings also detect duplicate data entry and incompatible records. We guarantee your payroll taxes will meet the highest standards of compliance. And if we ever fall short, we promise to make it right. Find out why Greenshades is the leader in staffing payroll and HR solutions.
Proudly serving the staffing industry for over  20 years
What our customers say
“We can't imagine doing our filing any other way.  Greenshades does in minutes what would take us weeks to do.”
CDI Corp
“Great service, reliable product, and easy to use!”
Checkmate Management, Inc.
“Technical support is great.  One of the best customer service oriented companies.”
“Easy, convenient and cost effective.”
Impact Logistics, Inc
“Excellent product and technical support in assisting with the process.  Went extremely smooth!!”
Impact Logistics, Inc
“Greenshades customer service, sales, and tax service representatives are very knowledgeable and responsive... World Class Service !!!!!”
CoWorx Staffing Services
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