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One Tool to Manage All of Your Staffing Needs

Placing top talent with employers is a time-sensitive process, and Greenshades understand this. We work to save you time on your back-office functions like payroll and HR, so you can focus on what matters most, finding top talent.
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Unlimited Pay Runs
Biweekly, weekly, and monthly pay schedules? No problem, with Greenshades, you have unlimited pay runs at no cost.
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Compliance at our Core
With the payroll wizard, our average customer can quickly run and process payroll within 10 minutes from start to finish.
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Place Employees Faster
We understand that in the staffing industry, speed matters. Greenshades streamline your most time-consuming payroll, HR, benefits, time and attendance, and tax and compliance needs.
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Payroll and HR solutions designed to support hardworking staffing teams.
HR Platform
Enable Employees to
Onboard Themselves

In a business like yours, we know it’s vital that every new hire is made efficiently. Developed with multi-site staffing agencies in mind, our onboarding platform allows you to set up workflows for all your locations and positions so new employees can onboard themselves via an intuitive, self-service process.

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Payroll Processing
Run Payroll From Anywhere, Any Time

Have payroll batches with employees across multiple locations and tax parameters? No problem. Our platform makes it easy to assign hours to different locations within the same pay period and employee. It automatically accounts for tax code assignments (no need to manually switch tax codes when an employee moves to a new site) and tax reciprocity agreements.

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HR Platform
Handle Employee
Turnover with Ease

With transient employees - especially those who are hired and re-hired dozens of times - it’s difficult to track Payroll and HR items correctly. Our platform makes it easy to re-hire and reactivate employees while keeping a single employee record. We also provide trouble-free termination pay and limitless special pay runs to handle any edge cases.

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Payroll & HR Configuration
Manage Your Staffing Teams

Manage your staffing teams with simple permission settings to control who can view and interact with specific groups of employees. And to get even the biggest jobs done, multiple payroll processors can work on the same payroll batch, with visibility and permissions assigned individually.

Automate Compliance
with Confidence

Our compliance engine automatically alerts you of potential compliance issues covering ACA, new hire reporting, garnishment orders, wage bases adjustments, and more. On-the-fly exception management and warnings also detect duplicate data entry and incompatible records.

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Manage vaccine mandates automatically
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State tax registration for all 50 states
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Track lunches, breaks, and more
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What our customers say
“We can't imagine doing our filing any other way.  Greenshades does in minutes what would take us weeks to do.”
CDI Corp
“Great service, reliable product, and easy to use!”
Checkmate Management, Inc.
“Technical support is great.  One of the best customer service oriented companies.”
“Easy, convenient and cost effective.”
Impact Logistics, Inc
“Excellent product and technical support in assisting with the process.  Went extremely smooth!!”
Impact Logistics, Inc
“Greenshades customer service, sales, and tax service representatives are very knowledgeable and responsive... World Class Service !!!!!”
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Discover the most commonly asked questions about Payroll and HR software for staffing companies.
What is payroll for staffing and recruiting?
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Payroll in the staffing industry is like processing normal payroll, it must be accurate and timely, however, it presents its own unique set of opportunities. Managing employees working in various locations, with a variety of pay schedules, and punching in remotely can be difficult to handle without the assistance of a cloud-based provider.

Choosing the right payroll and HR software is crucial for staffing agencies because these core functions are why companies come to staffing agencies, to handle recruiting, payroll, and HR functions.

How do staffing agencies manage payroll?
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Staffing industries can manage payroll manually or using a provider;

Manually: You can manually calculate payroll, giving you full control of your payroll. This option provides you with complete control, but it can be time-consuming and costly. Doing the calculations manually takes time because you have workers in a variety of locations, with unique schedules and different tax withholding requirements. If there are any miscalculations or missed deadlines, there can be fines and penalties, and manually processing payroll increases your compliance risk.

Outsourced: As a staffing agency, you can focus on hiring and recruiting and outsource your entire payroll and HR operations. This is a good option if you would like a completely hands-off approach to your payroll and HR needs. There is no need for an in-house team, and you can just focus on recruiting talent, however, with this approach, you lose all control and ability to configure to your business needs.

Payroll and HR software: Give your employees access to their important documents and benefits information. Allow employees to update their personal information and access their pay history from the desktop or their mobile app.

  • Streamline your operations: Allow the information to flow freely between systems, you can streamline all your core HR functions. From applicant tracking, onboarding, benefits enrollment, and payroll, to termination, all functions during the employee life cycle are streamlined.
  • House information in the cloud: The staffing industry deals with many employees; it can become hard to keep track of all the employee records. EEOC requires employers to keep files of terminated associates for up to a year, and the FLSA requires employers to keep payroll records for 3 years following termination. Housing important employee documents in the cloud reduce the need for filing cabinets or spreadsheets.
  • Maintain compliance: Staffing agencies typically have employees working in multiple locations, so maintaining compliance can be tricky. Stay in line with federal, state, and local tax regulations, ACA compliance, FLSA regulations, year-end reporting, overtime compliance, and more. Automatic calculations and compliance checks allow you to quickly identify errors to save you time.
  • Employee self-service: Managing on-site and remote workers has been made easier than ever. Allow employees access from anywhere to important forms, track time-off requests, pay history, enroll in benefits, and the ability to update personal information.
  • Time and attendance: Staffing agencies typically have associates working in a variety of locations, especially with the rise of the remote workforce. Scheduling can also be difficult, with employees working overnight and overtime hours. Allow employees to clock in and out, and track their hours worked, and time off requests using the online portal or their mobile device.
Why use payroll and HR software for staffing agencies?
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Running payroll manually can be complex for any industry, however, the staffing industry presents a unique set of challenges. The goal of staffing agencies is to, find top talent and get them placed into their new role quickly. Payroll and HR software can make placement and employee management simple;

  • Onboarding and benefits enrollment made easy
  • House information in the cloud for easy record keeping
  • Employee self-service to allow remote and on-site work access to the HR function
  • Integration with your ERP and accounting systems to streamline your operations
  • Run payroll with accurate calculations and complete compliance
  • Track hours worked automatically

Utilize payroll and HR to help place top talent with ease. Give new hires a welcoming experience and employee engagement from the start of their journey, to throughout their employee life cycle.