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Time Keeping Software Optimized

Employee time tracking is made simple by using robust timesheets that track more than just time punches and time-off. Support remote and deskless workers by allowing employees and managers to manage timesheets and time-off requests from anywhere.
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Configure to your Needs
Set the time-off rules to fit your company's leave policy. Greenshades timesheets come with permission-based features.
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Access your Time Anywhere
Allow managers to manage time-off requests from anywhere. Employees can clock in and clock out and manage time off through a kiosk, online, or through their mobile device.
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Time Savings for Managers
Managers can view and manage time-off requests, time-off requests  automatically populate to both timesheets and payroll
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Time and Attendance

Allow employees to accurately track their work and supervisors to review and approve it - everyone spends less time on time, and more on the actual work.

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Full-Featured Timesheets
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Complex Timekeeping
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Track More Than Just Time
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Flexible Time Management

With support for virtual and kiosk-based time management, employees can always clock in conveniently and securely.

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Many Ways to Clock-In
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Seamless Payroll Integration
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Integrate with Your Payroll System
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Manager-Friendly Administration

Greenshades Time and Attendance was built to empower your supervisors and take the burden off of your finance team.

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Supervisors can Review Timesheets Easily
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Easily Delegate Task
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Communications Through Message and Bulletins
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Absence and Leave Management

Easily centralize time off requests, approvals, and reporting. Need to set up your organization’s holiday schedule? No problem.

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Configure for Your Rules
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Full System Integration
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Supplemental Benefits
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compliance Without Compromise
The Greenshades Commitment

With Greenshades your payroll taxes will meet the highest standards of compliance.

Our Customers Say It Best
“Greenshades reduces the time required to accomplish certain tasks and makes the process more efficient and organized. This, in turn, frees up time to dedicate to the process improvements that sustain the company’s growth.”
Angelo Tremolada
Corporate Controller, CPA, CGMA
“This software is much less expensive than any other product I have reviewed. For the price, it is easy to use and I like that the information entered in the Greenshades software carries over to our payroll system entry for entry instead of a general "dump" of information on the accounting side.”
Ruth R.
Higher Education, 201-500 employees
Discover the most commonly asked questions about Time and Labor Management software.
What is a time & labor management system?
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Time and labor management systems use real-time data to forecast your staffing needs and track hours worked to help you monitor labor costs and make informed decisions on your workforce.

What does a time & labor management system do?
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Time and Labor management systems help you track hours worked. Insights from the time and attendance software gives you a deeper understanding of your workforce, your biggest expense.

Custom reports can be generated with the data collected, helping you understand productivity so you can make business decisions to increase performance and reduce labor expenses.  

What is a timekeeping software?
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Timekeeping software tracks employee hours worked, time off, holiday time, and overtime to calculate hours worked during a pay period.

With timekeeping software, employee schedules can be pre-populated onto their time sheets. If your employee punches in using a kiosk, enters time using their portal, or punches in on a mobile device, the hours worked will be populated onto the timesheet. During the pay period, managers will receive alerts and notifications for any timesheet discrepancies so adjustments can be made to the timesheet before running payroll.

Integrating into your HR software any approved time-off requests will also automatically populate onto the timesheet, flowing into your payroll software to complete the employee wage calculations including proper deductions to determine the employee’s final pay.

What are the benefits to using a time & labor software?
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Using time and labor software is beneficial not only for your team and your employees. Here are a few ways time and labor software can support your organization:

  • Accurate calculations: Timesheet entries manually populate into the system and calculate hours worked. The time and labor software will also calculate any time-off request and time off based on company holiday schedule, all configurable to your business needs.
  • Save time: Delegate the task of clocking employees in and out by giving them access to self-service software, employees can manage their own timekeeping. The manager can oversee timesheet entries and correct any miscalculations before the upcoming pay run. Timesheet entries and time off will automatically populate into the system, eliminating the need for spreadsheets or manually documenting hours worked.
  • Compliance: If you have employees working over state lines, it can be difficult to keep track of these regulations when tracking time manually. Time and labor software can automatically adhere to the requirements set for that location.
  • Cloud-based technology: Keep track of employee’s timesheets and work history in the cloud using a cloud-based time and labor software provider. Reduce the need for filing cabinets or manual entries into spreadsheets.
What are key features for time & labor management system?
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When shopping for a time and labor management system there are some key features to look for to help track time:

  • Compliance: Stay compliant with overtime regulations, FLSA guidelines, and state and local regulations. Be prepared for audits by keeping all time and attendance information in the cloud.
  • Timekeeping software: Your software should provide a variety of ways for your employees to clock in and out. Allow your employees to track their time using a kiosk and online portal. Giving employees the ability to track time using their mobile devices is a very important feature. This allows you to better support both remote and deskless workers. The manager dashboard gives managers the capability to review timesheets, check for discrepancies, and approve timesheets with ease.

    Alerts and notifications help managers to stay informed of timesheet discrepancies and allows them to correct errors before the pay run. Receiving notifications when employees approach overtime can help you stay in line with your payroll budget.
  • Integration capabilities: Streamlining your payroll, HR, and time and attendance operations will allow information to flow freely. Save your team time and reduce the risk of error by allowing timesheet information to populate into your payroll software automatically.
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