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Greenshades Software offers a cloud-based, intuitive, real-time solution that gives visibility and control over payroll, HR, and tax processes.
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Why Switch to Greenshades?

Our award winning cloud-based solution automates your most complex payroll calculations and allows information to flow freely across the Greenshades solution, streamlining your HR operations, while still maintaining compliance throughout. This is why we're so highly rated!
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Why our Customers Love Greenshades Payroll & HR
Our customers love Greenshades because we allow organizations to run their payroll and HR operations in a manner that best suits their business needs. We listen to our customers, understand your needs, and do our best to bring you an exceptional solution.
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How Easy is it to Switch Providers?

Greenshades is in the business of helping other businesses succeed. We do not take a “one-size-fits-all" approach because every organization is distinct. Our mission is to work alongside you to ensure your Payroll, HR, and Tax needs are met.
  • A Plan Built for You: Each organization’s needs are unique, so at Greenshades we take the time to create a project plan based on your distinct needs.
  • Dedicated Implementation Specialist: For more complex products, such as payroll, we make sure you have a dedicated implementation specialist by your side through the implementation process.
  • Implement with Ease: Implementation does not have to be a long-drawn-out process, with products such as year-end forms you can be up and running in as little as an hour.
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Thinking about switching payroll providers? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about making the change.
What makes Greenshades different?
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Greenshades started 20 years ago with tax and compliance at its core. Now we are built to serve your unique payroll and HR needs by giving you flexibility and the control to run your business as you see fit. With the ability to:

  • Submit multiple pay runs
  • Issue off-cycle checks
  • Configure the software to your business needs
  • Control your money with no prefunding requirements for payroll taxes

You can ensure Greenshades is built to serve your specific business needs.

How do I switch payroll providers?
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Notify Current Provider: First, have a conversation with your current provider to notify them of your switch.  You want to ensure you can terminate your relationship without fees or penalties.

Find a New Provider: Evaluate your business needs, set a budget, and research payroll providers. Be sure the provider you choose has experience servicing your industry and business size. Ask questions regarding contracts, package offerings, integrations with your current software, extra fees, and add-on services. If you feel uneasy about switching, ask about product demos to help ease your worries.

Prepare for the Switch:

  • Be prepared to provide information such as state and federal tax ID numbers, employee information, your payroll schedule, and other pertinant information.
  • Alert your organization that you will be switching providers, this can help make the transition smoother.
  • Set time aside for training, if you are going from manual payroll processing to a payroll provider then you may want to set aside extra time for training. Be patient, it takes time to adjust to new software.

Time to Switch: It is now time to shut off your old software and switch over to your new payroll solution. Set your first pay run date, utilize customer support as much as you need to ensure accuracy, and submit your first pay run.

When is the best time to switch payroll solutions?
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Switching mid-year will mean you have tax information with two different providers, this can lead to a complicated year-end filing process. Mid-year transition can also mean that you need to enter historical data, this can be a time-consuming process. The best time to switch payroll providers is year end, so you can start your first pay run of the year being with your new provider. But we know year end can be a busy time for your team and are able to accommodate new installs year round.

What questions should I ask my new payroll provider?
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When you are evaluating your options for payroll providers, here are a few good questions to ask:

  • What experience do you have in my industry? Every industry has its own unique set of opportunities, and it is important that your payroll provider understands this. The provider you choose should have a history of success servicing your industry, check case studies from companies within your industry, and customer reviews from your peers. Reviews can give you real insight from companies that face similar opportunities as you.
  • What security measures do you have in place for your software? Payroll software houses very sensitive and personal information, it is crucial your provider has security measures in place to protect your company and employees' information. Ask questions regarding the measures the company takes to protect sensitive information; this could be 2-factor authentication or firewalls.
  • What are my options for pricing? Payroll providers typically charge an implementation fee, and they provide a few options for payroll packages depending on the size of your organization and your needs for payroll.  It is important to understand what is included in each payroll package, and what fees are charged at an extra cost.  Ask questions regarding the pricing structure for the package. Is the pricing based on per employee/ per month structure? Or is it base (+) per employee/per month structure?
  • What are your integration capabilities? Be sure the payroll software you choose can integrate with your ERP and accounting systems. With many payroll providers, you can also get HR, benefits, time and attendance, and tax and compliance software but if you choose to go with another provider for these services, be sure the information can flow between the software. Check with your IT department to be sure the software is a good match for your business.
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