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Simplifying Payroll and HR for the Transportation and Logistics Industry

For over 20 years, Greenshades has focused on solutions specifically tailored for transportation and logistics firms like yours.
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Greenshades ensures that transportation and logistics organizations are never slowed down by their Payroll and HR needs.
Manage Payroll Across Locations and State Lines
Given the diverse staff necessary to run a successful logistics operation, Payroll and HR tasks can get complicated. From trucks criss-crossing the country to processing payroll for both driver and non-driver staff alike, our platform makes it easy to assign different locations to hours within the same pay period, even by the same employee. Make unlimited payruns with next and same day processing capability.
Simplify Complex Transportation Scenarios
Greenshades natively supports a wide variety of common scenarios within the transportation space, including:
  • Pay per mile
  • Pay per load
  • Piecework pay
  • Reimbursable business expenses
  • Settlement Sheets
  • Per-Diem Mileage/Lodging
  • Shift Differentials
  • Complicated Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Wide variety of Commission Structures
Multiple Employee Types, One Platform
With a large and mobile workforce, accurate calculation of time,taxes, and PTO can get a bit tricky. That’s why we designed our platform to automate even the most complex payroll, tax calculation, and accrual scenarios.The platform also serves as a robust communication platform, empowering you to keep in touch with your employees no matter where they are.
Stay Connected With Mobile Workers
Employees on the go need convenient, simple, and secure time tracking methods. That's why Greenshades provides options for online, mobile, and kiosk-based data collection. Through the platform, employees can also access settlement sheets that provide traceable records of their trips, expenses & income.
Powerful Platform, Simple Management
Although the Greenshades platform is designed to accommodate the most challenging pay scenarios, it’s also simple enough to be configured and managed with ease. With an intuitive design, clear workflows, and on-screen prompts, administrators can run flawless payroll, in record time, each and every pay period.
Meeting Your 24/7 Payroll and HR Needs
Many transportation and logistics organizations have employees that work varying and unusual shifts… often overnight or across pay periods. These shifts can cause significant challenges for last-generation payroll systems, but Greenshades handles your 24/7 shift and compensation needs with ease.
Proudly serving the transportation industry for over a 20 years
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See how Greenshades Payroll helps transportation companies calculate deductions, reimbursements, and pay contractors with ease.

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See how Greenshades Payroll helps transportation companies calculate deductions, reimbursements, and pay contractors with ease.