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The transportation industry presents a unique set of challenges when processing payroll and managing HR functions, and Greenshades understands this. Greenshades payroll and HR software help you to stay in line with employment regulations, manage complex scheduling, automate payroll processing, and stay connected with employees on the go.
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Process Payroll Easily
Greenshades makes processing payroll for drivers and non-drivers easy. We automate the most complex payroll calculations for the transportation industry.
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Simplify Complex Timekeeping
Allow employees to clock in and out from any location. Our robust timesheets track location-specific overtime and break rules, overnight shifts, PTO, and more.
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Stay Connected
Communicate with your employees no matter where they are working. Give employees access to important information regarding their trips, expenses, pay history, timesheets, and more.
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Payroll and HR designed to work as hard as your transportation and logistics team.
Payroll Processing
Payroll Solutions that Travel With You

Given the diverse staff necessary to run a successful logistics operation, Payroll and HR tasks can get complicated. From trucks traveling across state lines to processing payroll for both driver and non-driver staff alike, our platform makes it easy to assign different locations to hours worked within the same pay period, even by the same employee. Make unlimited pay runs with next-day and same-day processing capability.

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Put your Unique Transportation Needs on Cruise Control

Greenshades natively supports a wide variety of common scenarios within the transportation space, including:

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Pay per mile and pay per load
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Piecework pay
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Per-Diem Mileage/Lodging
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Shift Differentials

Additionally, Greenshades provides support for reimbursable business expenses, complicated collective bargaining agreements, settlement sheets, and a wide variety of commission structures.

Tax Automation
Automate Tricky Calculations

With a large and mobile workforce, accurate calculations of time, taxes, and PTO can get a bit tricky. That’s why we designed our platform to automate even the most complex payroll, tax calculation, and accrual scenarios. The platform also serves as a robust communication platform, empowering you to keep in touch with your employees no matter where they are.

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Employee Self-Service
Stay Connected with Mobile Workers

Employees on the go need convenient, simple, and secure time tracking methods. That's why Greenshades provides options for online, mobile, and kiosk-based data collection. Through the platform, employees can also access settlement sheets that provide traceable records of their trips, expenses & income.

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Powerful Platform, Simple Management

Although the Greenshades platform is designed to accommodate the most challenging pay scenarios, it’s also simple enough to be configured and managed with ease. With an intuitive design, clear workflows, and on-screen prompts, administrators can run flawless payroll in record time, each and every pay period.

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244 US Mid-Market Transportation Customers Served
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230,000 Employees Supported
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Time & Labor Management
Meeting Your 24/7 Payroll and HR Needs

Many transportation and logistics organizations have employees that work varying and unusual shifts that are often overnight or across pay periods. These shifts can cause significant challenges for last-generation payroll systems, but Greenshades handles your 24/7 shift and compensation needs with ease.

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Discover the most commonly asked questions about Payroll and HR software for transportation and logistics companies.
What are the HR challenges in the transportation industry?
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Transportation has experienced a lot of change in these past few years and continues to experience rapid changes that present challenges for the HR teams.

  • Compliance: There is paperwork and documentation that must be up to date. It is important that transportation and logistics companies have payroll and HR software that can house these documents in the cloud. There are increasing laws to protect drivers’, like in North Carolina work truck drivers can only be on duty for 60 hours in a 7-day period. Along with payroll and time and attendance compliance. With employees who work over state lines, it can be tough to maintain compliance with overtime and break rules and federal, state, and local payroll taxes.
  • Managing challenging schedules: It can be tough for HR managers to seek individuals who are willing to work such a demanding schedule with days up to weeks away from home. Compensation and benefits packages can help offset employees diverse work schedule, and with a strong payroll provider, you can automate calculating complex work hours.
  • Driver shortage: The Covid-19 pandemic led to supply chain issues and a turnover of truck drivers. Along with the retiring workforce and lack of skilled workers, it is more important than ever to retain drivers. Truck drivers can extensive schedules which increase safety risks; therefore companies tend to have increased compensation to help attract and retain talent. Using a payroll and HR provide with robust ATS capabilities will help you to quickly detect top-qualified candidates. Strong onboarding software can help you to quickly identify if they are legally qualified to work through background screenings, uploading important documents, and verifying important information.
Who is the best payroll software for trucking companies?
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When evaluating payroll software providers, you need someone who has industry knowledge and expertise. Greenshades software is a great option for the transportation and logistics industry. With over 20 years of service, our solutions are built to handle unique scheduling, built to manage payroll across state lines, help you stay connected with workers on the go, and more.

How is truck drivers’ pay calculated?
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There are many methods to pay truck drivers. The assistance of reliable payroll software can help make things easier. When choosing a payroll software, be sure they can support the diverse ways in which you may pay your truck drivers. Here are the 4 most common methods of paying truck drivers:

  • Pay Per Mile: This is the most common method of paying truck drivers is paying them per mile. To calculate the pay you multiply the miles driven by the cent per mile.
  • Pay Per Hour: Drivers are paid hourly; this is common for local drivers whose hours may be impacted by heavy traffic that can cause them to lose miles.
  • Salary: A flat rate for divers, so they do not have to worry about the inconsistent pay per mile or per hour.
  • Pay Per Load: This is the least common way to pay truck drivers, they are paid a flat rate based on the load they deliver. The more loads they deliver, the high their pay.