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Greenshades Leadership
David Rosas
President, Co-Founder
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Andrew Roe
Chief Revenue Officer
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Molly Van Kampen, CPP
Chief Experience Officer
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Matthew Kane
Chief Product Officer - Co-Founder
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Ellis Harr
Chief Financial Officer
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Aaron Woodward
Chief Technology Officer
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Our Values
Family, transparency, agility, and problem-solving are core to everything we do.
We believe in treating our clients, employees, and partners like family, with humility, respect, and gratitude.
We believe transparency is the basis for trust between Greenshades and its employees, customers, and partners. Being transparent means being honest and open when communicating about matters related to business.
Problem Solvers
We believe in solving problems, adopting a “whatever it takes” stance to transforming Payroll & HR challenges into business-enhancing opportunities for our employees and the organizations we represent
4000 +
US businesses
Years experience in Payroll
Years experience in Microsoft
Employees actively supported

Proudly Serving Payroll & HR Professionals Since 2002

Greenshades strives to conduct business in an ethical and sustainable fashion. More than words on a page, our code of ethics represent the very fiber of our company. From the solutions we produce, to the teams we employ, to the communities we serve, we are deeply committed to delivering technologies and services that empower our clients to become more efficient, more cost-effective, and more successful than ever before.
Here’s how we put those ethics into action:
  • We treat our clients, employees, and partners with humility, respect, and gratitude.
  • We stand behind our products fully, offering both complimentary technical support and money-back guarantees.
  • We act more like partners than vendors, sharing best practices, industry insights, and timely advice.
  • We thrive on solving problems, adopting a “whatever it takes” stance to transforming Payroll & HR challenges into business-enhancing opportunities for you and the organizations you represent.
If we ever fall short of these goals, your feedback will go straight to the top: our co-founder and CEO, David Rosas.

No exceptions. No excuses.
Most of our contracts are annually renewable, and we’re proud to share we have a retention rate that is well north of 95%, proof positive that we walk the walk.

This is how we founded the company. This is how we’ve grown the company. And this is how we’ll continue to run the business in the years to come.
Average review on Captera, independent review site
Average review on GetApp, independent review site
Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a Payroll and HR Platform that empowers workers and brings peace of mind to their employers. We are tailored to US mid-market companies, especially those that service a large number of deskless employees. We navigate their complex compliance challenges while making it easier than ever to keep their employees happy. We provide better control, lower costs, far superior customer service, and no nasty float when compared to our competitors.

Devoted to Excellence

Our focus on providing our customers with the highest level of support and satisfaction possible, which has earned us industry-leading ratings from major peer review sites. And we’re in it for the long term; Greenshades has a 90% client retention rate, and an average client tenure of over 11 years.

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