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Greenshades has been a proud partner to Avionte since its founding in 2005.  We have been honored to support thousands of customers with tax reporting and year-end forms and are proud to serve the Avionte customers who consider our solutions essential for their business.
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A Long-Standing Partner for Tax and Compliance
With Greenshades, year-end forms are easier than ever, Greenshades cloud-based wizards guide you through the process of filing W-2s, 1099s, and more. We work to take the headache out of taxes by automatically pulling the necessary information from your Avionte system to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local taxes.
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Collaboration with Avionte

Your Partner for Tax and Compliance

Year End Reporting
No more year-end headaches, filing W-2s, 1099s, and other year-end forms have been made easier than ever.
Proud Partner
Since the Beginning
Greenshades has been providing tax and compliance solutions for Avionte since it’s inception in 2005.
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Why choose Greenshades
Seamless Integration
The Greenshades solutions are built to seamlessly integrate with your Avionte system. With a simple set up, data can flow freely with zero scripts to manage, eliminating manual upgrades, resulting in no need to bother your help desk.
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Easy and simple integration
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Dedicated support along the way
Be a step ahead with Greenshades
We Handle All Your Tax Needs
Greenshades provides a wide array of tax solutions to ensure you remain compliant with all local, state, and federal tax requirements. We provide support for payroll taxes (such as W-2s, SUTA, etc), 1099s, 1042s, 1095-Cs, and more. Greenshades automatically pulls all necessary information directly from your Avionte system without complicated file formats or challenging imports.
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The Greenshades Advantage
Full Year-End Process for W-2s, 1099s, and More
Greenshades provides a single solution for your entire year end form process. Our software collects and validates your data, creates forms, and allows for easy reviews, bulk updates, and SSN verification. Finished forms may be distributed to employees online or may be printed and mailed using our mail service option. Our cloud-based wizard guides you through the entire process from any web browser.
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