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Intacct provides a world-class cloud accounting solution and finance application for mid-sized businesses. Greenshades brings a fully integrated Payroll and HR platform that allows Intacct businesses to manage and pay their employees with ease: One system, seamless integration, and no duplicate entry.
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Your Partner for Payroll and HR
Through Greenshades integration, we provide Sage Intacct users with full payroll and HR software. Greenshades payroll, HR, and tax software is a cloud-based software that gives you real-time visibility into your payroll and HR operations. Save your team time by automating your most complex payroll calculations, streamlining your HR experience, empowering your employees, and tax and compliance.
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Integration with Sage Intacct

The Greenshades Difference

Control & Flexibility
Remain in control over your payroll activities with an in-house solution designed for flexibility. Configure the payroll process to meet the specific needs of your organization with unlimited payroll codes and pay runs, the ability to support diverse pay schedules, control over your banking and cash flow, and more.
Full Payroll
and HR Platform
Greenshades offers a payroll, HR, and tax solution that caters to diverse business requirements. The ERP-agnostic platform integrates with Sage Intacct to provide a solution configured to individual organizations.
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Why choose greenshades
Truly Modern, Real-Time Payroll for Sage Intacct!
Greenshades' Payroll for Intacct delivers flexibility and reliability, enhanced for dimensional accounting. This cloud-based solution, featuring unlimited custom fields, expertly simplifies complex payroll calculations while ensuring strict compliance with federal, state, and local tax regulations. Handle complicated things like garnishments, multi-jurisdictions, earnings and job costing with ease. With no restrictions on the number of pay runs or scheduling, you have complete control over your payroll process.

Our intuitive payroll wizard is designed to streamline time-consuming tasks, fostering efficient and confident payroll submissions. Gain valuable insights into your payroll workflow for swift and compliant end-to-end payroll processing. Trust Greenshades as a payroll solution that provides a user-friendly experience, without compromising on compliance.
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Greenshades makes it easy
Efficient Integration
Greenshades offers a comprehensive Payroll, HR, and Tax platform, designed to streamline payroll processing, ensure compliance, and automate complex operations. With direct integration into Sage Intacct, transfer General Ledger data seamlessly, enabling thorough payroll management within Greenshades. Following the completion of payroll processing, entries are automatically recorded in Sage Intacct's General Ledger.
The greenshades Difference
Onboarding New Employees is a Breeze
Streamline your recruiting process with simple tracking and reporting tools, empowering you to find the very best talent for your team. Best of all, our onboarding process guides new hires through completing first-day forms, electing benefits, and other steps essential to your business. Once onboarded and approved, the employee record is generated automatically. No paper, no duplicate entry, all managed from a single system.
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Greenshades has you Covered
Human Resources and Employee Self-Service
Enhance your Sage Intacct experience with Greenshades' comprehensive HR and Self-Service suite. The platform empowers managers with tools for housing employee information, handling time-off requests, streamlining new employee onboarding, and managing certifications. Boost employee engagement and communication through self-service workflows, offering easy access to essential HR functions like employee change requests, paystubs, tax forms, and more.
Be a step ahead with Greenshades
Payroll Tax and Year-End Filing
Greenshades provides a wide array of tax solutions to ensure you remain compliant with all local, state, and federal tax requirements. Integrated with Sage Intacct, Greenshades handles tax payments, tax return filings, and the entire end-of-year form distribution, all while extracting the necessary data from your Sage Intacct system, eliminating the need for complex file formats or challenging imports.
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The benefits of Greenshades
Time and Attendance
Greenshades' Time and Attendance system is designed to meet basic time management needs of mid-market businesses. It simplifies daily tasks such as clock-ins/outs, departmental shifts, and break monitoring, while adeptly managing different overtime regulations. Post timesheet approval, the platform enables administrators to effortlessly validate hours and synchronize them with designated payroll batches, ensuring streamlined processing.
Feel empowered with Greenshades
Benefits Management
We cover the entire benefits lifecycle. Capture vital information from new employees, manage the open enrollment process, and empower employees to make new elections as a result of qualifying life events.  All changes integrate seamlessly with the Greenshades payroll module: a single system, no paperwork, no duplicate entry.
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Discover the most commonly asked questions about Sage Intacct integration.
How does Greenshades Integrate with Sage Intacct?
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Greenshades payroll integration pulls from General Ledger accounts from Sage Intacct to allow for full payroll processing with Greenshades.

Does Sage Intacct have payroll?
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Sage Intacct has robust accounting and financial management software that automates your most time-consuming accounting processes; however, it does not have payroll functionality. Sage Intacct integrates with the top payroll and HR providers, such as Greenshades, to provide payroll, HR, and tax functionality.

How does Greenshades and ADP compare?
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Looking at Greenshades Software and ADP side-by-side, the product offerings are very similar, being that both offer cloud-based payroll and HR solutions for Sage Intacct. The main differences between Greenshades and ADP focus on control of your business, compliance, and value for your money.

ADP is a large, household name that offers a robust payroll, HR, and Tax solution. Since ADP is larger the solution tends to be a more “out-of-the-box” solution that lacks flexibility and control. ADP offers a wide range of product offerings but tends to be an expensive solution due to added fees and extra charges for basic payroll, HR, and tax functionality. For example, you can expect to pay extra for year-end filings and a charge for each pay run you complete.

Greenshades payroll, HR, and tax software offer a wider range of flexibility and control for your payroll and HR operations. There are no surprise fees or charges and with Greenshades you do not need to pre-fund a payroll tax account. Instead of Greenshades holding your funds, you get to control your cash flow. With the flexibility to run unlimited pay runs and to issue off-cycle checks, our software can support any payroll scenario.