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HR and Payroll platform integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC – a new payroll platform for a new era of ERP.
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A Full HR and Payroll Platform
Greenshades provides a fully modern HR and Payroll platform, with first-class integration into Dynamics 365 BC. Use a single platform to manage your entire employee lifecycle, from hire to retire. Greenshades provides the power and flexibility of modern workflows and employee self-service, and backs it with seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.
Why choose Greenshades
Payroll Designed Specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC
Greenshades has a long-standing history of supporting all of the Microsoft Dynamics systems. From GP, SL, NAV, and AX… Greenshades integrates with each system and has been faithfully serving each customer base for years. Before BC was even released, Microsoft reached out to us and we committed to design a Payroll and HR platform that would compliment Microsoft’s vision for a modern ERP.
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Streamline all business operations
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Share information between systems
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Why choose Greenshades
Seamless Integration
Our cloud-based solutions are built to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. With a simple set up, data can flow freely with no scripts to manage, no manual upgrades, and no need to bother your help desk. Employees, projects, and financial information flows smoothly between Dynamics 365 BC and the Greenshades HR/Payroll Platform. This is a complete and seamless integration built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.
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Implementation at no cost
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Dedicated support to make the integration easy
Why choose Greenshades
Onboarding New Employees is a Breeze
Streamline your recruiting process with simple tracking and reporting tools, empowering you to find the very best talent for your team. Best of all, our onboarding process guides new hires through completing first-day forms, electing benefits, and other steps essential to your business. Once onboarded and approved, the employee record is generated automatically. No paper, no duplicate entry, all managed from a single system.
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Why choose Greenshades
Human Resources and Employee Self-Service
The Greenshades platform provides a complete suite of Human Resources and Self-Service functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. Our portal adds profile self-service, time-off requests, evaluations, new employee onboarding, certifications management and much more - all accessible from a web browser.  Self-service workflows enable seamless employee change requests, manager and HR approval, and painless synchronization with the rest of your Dynamics 365 BC system.
Why choose Greenshades
We Handle All Your Tax Needs
Greenshades provides a wide array of tax solutions to ensure you remain compliant with all local, state, and federal tax requirements. We provide support for payroll taxes (such as W-2s, SUTA, etc), 1099s, 1042s, 1095-Cs, and more. Greenshades software remits tax payments, files tax returns, and handles your complete end-of-year form distribution process. To make it even easier, Greenshades automatically pulls all necessary information directly from your Dynamics system without complicated file formats or challenging imports.
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Why choose Greenshades
Time and Attendance
The Greenshades platform for Dynamics 365 BC includes robust time and attendance functionality, supporting the full range of mid-market attendance scenarios. Clock-in/out, department switching, breaks, various overtime rules… we have you covered. Once timesheets are approved, administrators can approve hours worked to downsync to specific payroll batches for processing.
Employees Management
Benefits Management and Microsoft Dynamics 365
We cover the entire benefits lifecycle. Capture vital information from new employees, manage the open enrollment process, and empower employees to make new elections as a result of qualifying life events.  All changes integrate seamlessly with the Greenshades payroll module: a single system, no paperwork, no duplicate entry.
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A Payroll Solution that works!
Truly Modern, Real-Time Payroll for Dynamics 365 BC!
Greenshades will calculate your payroll in the cloud real-time, giving you the ability to instantly preview payroll results and make adjustments on the fly. Together, this allows your staff to run payroll more efficiently and allows your employees to get paid faster. Our step-by-step wizard makes it easy to take a pay run from start to pay, simple and intuitive. Automatic tax code assignment, instant recalculations, support for on-demand or same-day payroll, and many additional modern features will ensure less work and less mistakes.
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Discover the most commonly asked questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Payroll integration.
Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC include payroll?
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 business Central is a cloud-based ERP system that offers an all-in-one solution for your sales, marketing, service, finance, commerce, and supply chain needs.

Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central does not include a payroll platform in its solution, payroll providers like Greenshades integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Is integration difficult with Microsoft Dynamics 365?
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Depending on the payroll provider, it will dictate how long integration can be. It is important that your payroll provider has a history of integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.

Using a provider who has spent time building a system built for integrating with Microsoft Dynamics BC 365, like Greenshades, will be to your benefit.

How does Greenshades integrate with Dynamics 365?
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Greenshades and Microsoft Dynamics 365 have a seamless integration. A bi-directional integration allows General Ledger data to flow to and from Greenshades, automatically updating Dynamics 365 after a payroll is posted.

What’s the difference between processing payroll using Greenshades online and using Microsoft GP?
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Microsoft GP provides both a standard and advanced payroll feature set that enables you to run payroll for your business, allowing the administrator to have sufficient controls to enter the information needed for your pay run. However, processing payroll includes many manual steps and can be confusing, especially to new users. This can be a time-consuming process that leaves a larger margin of error. Additionally, GP is not natively hosted in the cloud, which can lead to additional complexity when attempting to manage payroll in a remote environment.

With Greenshades Online, the modern interface was built with efficiency and accuracy in mind. And with all information being held in the cloud, you can process payroll from anywhere with an internet connection. Instead of working thru tedious and manual steps, information intelligently pre-populates into each field, leaving you to simply review the pay run before submission using our robust payroll wizard. By using Greenshades to process your payroll, you save time and reduce the chance of fees associated with incorrect pay run information.