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Whether your company uses Bullhorn ATS for their CRM and applicant tracking needs or Bullhorn One as their complete end-to-end solution, Greenshades provides an agile Payroll platform including onboarding and built in tax management to manage and pay your workers.
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Greenshades and Bullhorn Integration
See how our seamless, bi-directional integration can improve your employee lifecycle management.
Bullhorn Staffing
Learn how CRM and ATS integrated with Payroll and HR makes a complete solution for you.
Payroll & HR Information
Learn how Greenshades Payroll and HR creates a unified experience that reduces time, risk, and empowers your team! 
A Full Payroll and HR Platform
Greenshades seamlessly integrates with Bullhorn's leading staffing management software. Use Bullhorn to recruit, onboard, and place applicants, and then watch as their information flows into Greenshades for Payroll and Tax management.  Time management, employee self-service, and other HR functions may be performed either in Bullhorn or Greenshades. This integration represents a true first-class pairing, combining Greenshades' agile payroll workflows and robust tax compliance with Bullhorn's best-in-class staffing management software.
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Why Choose Greenshades
Truly Modern, Real-Time Payroll for Bullhorn!
Greenshades will calculate your payroll in the cloud real-time, giving you the ability to instantly preview payroll results and make adjustments on the fly. Together, this allows your staff to run payroll more efficiently and allows your employees to get paid faster. Our step-by-step wizard makes it easy to take a pay run from start to pay, simple and intuitive. Automatic tax code assignment, instant recalculations, support for on-demand or same-day payroll, and many additional modern features will ensure less work and less mistakes.
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Greenshades makes it easy
Seamless Integration
Bullhorn provides a first-class integration that seamlessly merges Greenshades' modern payroll workflow and robust tax support with Bullhorn's top-tier staffing management software. With a simple set up, data can flow freely with no scripts to manage, no manual upgrades, and no need to bother your help desk. Employees and financial information flows smoothly between Bullhorn and the Greenshades Payroll and Tax solutions.
The greenshades Difference
Support Beyond Payroll & Tax
With a versatile range of solutions including HR, Time and Attendance, and Benefits, Greenshades goes beyond Payroll. Choose options that allow you to support not only your staffing clients but also your internal staff and more.

Our HR, Time and Attendance, and Benefits solutions sync with Greenshades Payroll to ensure a unified, paperless system. Support employee self-service, time-off requests, new employee onboarding, and much more within Greenshades’ comprehensive HR solution. Accommodate various scenarios with time and attendance that includes clock-in/out, department switching, breaks, and various overtime rules. Additionally, manage the entire benefits lifecycle, from capturing new employee information to handling open enrollment and life event changes.
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Greenshades has you covered
We Handle All Your Tax Needs
Greenshades provides a wide array of tax solutions to ensure you remain compliant with all local, state, and federal tax requirements. We provide support for payroll taxes (such as W-2s, SUTA, etc), 1099s, 1042s, 1095-Cs, and more. Greenshades software remits tax payments, files tax returns, and handles your complete end-of-year form distribution process. To make it even easier, Greenshades automatically pulls all necessary information directly from your Bullhorn system without complicated file formats or challenging imports.
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Discover the most commonly asked questions about Bullhorn One integration.
How does Greenshades integrate with Bullhorn?
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A robust stream of candidate (employee) and placement data flows to Greenshades to create employee profiles and records. Then the time and earnings data flow from Bullhorn directly to the Greenshades pay run to ensure employees are compensated at appropriate rates.

How does Greenshades support the staffing industry?
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Greenshades has been supporting the staffing industry for 20 years, and our software truly understands its unique set of needs. Here we listed a few ways we support this specialized group.

Unlimited pay runs
In the staffing industry, you have many employees whose pay schedules may not align. Without any additional cost, we let you run as many pays run as you need.

Manage Turnover
With Greenshades, we understand you will hire and rehire employees numerous times, so we make it easy to reactivate employees. You can also issue trouble-free termination pay and off-cycle paychecks for emergency situations.

The staffing industry often employs employees working across several jurisdictions. The Greenshades platform is built on compliance, so no third parties are needed. Our software helps you stay compliant with state, federal, and local regulations.

What is the difference between Greenshades and PrismHR?
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Greenshades and PrismHR provide a payroll and tax solution that integrates with Bullhorn. When evaluating the two solutions, both Greenshades and PrismHR have similar product offerings, however, they do have key differences.

PrismHR serves a variety of industries but mainly focuses on serving small to medium-sized ASOs and PEOs to provide a payroll and HR product offering. PrismHR has tax and compliance functionality, however, they utilize their market partners to fill the gap in their tax and compliance needs.

Greenshades Software offers cloud-based, intuitive, modern real-time solutions for your payroll and HR operations. The Greenshades solution is built with a “compliance-first” mentality, so we are equipped to handle your payroll and HR need. With our tax experts by your side, there is no need for third-party integration.