Greenshades Online Payroll Update

September 15, 2022

Performance Enhancements– Pay Run Wizard Hours & Earnings

  • Background: Payroll  users have reported that the action to add or remove hours or earnings rows was occasionally slow and unresponsive. The Pay Run Wizard is at the center of the payroll product and is therefore a top priority to not only be  deeply functional, but to operate quickly and without error.
  • What’s new? The performance for both the addition and removal of Hours or Earnings rows in  the Pay Run Wizard have been greatly optimized. The changes will result in  faster and smoother operation when adding Hours and/or Earnings in the Pay Run Wizard.

Improved Hours & Earnings actions:


Pay Runs (Hours & Earnings Step): ->Payroll Tab -> Start / Continue Pay Run -> Hours & Earnings Steps

Performance Enhancements– Pay Run Wizard Review & Submit (Recalculates)

  • Background: Edits applied within the “View Paystub” screen of the Review & Submit step will lead     to a recalculation of those changes. Payroll users have reported that     these calculations may be slow to complete. It is common for admins to  submit last minute changes through the Review & Submit step of the wizard, leaving it to be a high priority area to properly support.
  • What’s new? Changes     have been made to how the payroll system will save these edits from the  “View Paystub” screen. The employee’s paystub will now quickly recalculate     and bring the user back to the review and submit page once complete.

Example of an employee recalculation:

Pay Runs (Review & Submit):> Payroll Tab -> Start / Continue Pay Run -> Review & Submit

Tax Announcement – Ohio JEDD Taxes

Summary: Due to a prevailing tax issue with apartnering software, Greenshades payroll tax calculations have been temporarilychanged to effectively ignore all Ohio JEDD taxes from our payroll taxcalculations. This will imply that any employees working in Ohio under alocality that would normally be affected by JEDD taxes will NOT have theywithheld via the GS Payroll software.

Impact: Since Greenshades Payroll will temporarily notwithhold JEDD taxes, this will imply that the practitioner / client isresponsible for determining applicable JEDD withholdings for relevant employeesand facilitating payment outside of Greenshades Software. To reiterate, this isa temporary change. We expect this to be resolved and to start pulling JEDDtaxes out via payroll again in 2022-Q4.


Pay Runs: -> Payroll Tab ->Start / Continue Pay Run -> Preview Paystub

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