Greenshades Payroll Updates

February 2, 2024

Updated Feature – General Ledger: Penny rounding automation


Clients have observed that their Credits to Debits balances of their ledger, are often a few cents off from creating a perfectly balanced set of transactions. This is a common issue in the world of accounting that is the result of rounding errors caused by splitting or mapping transactions against into partial amounts across multiple accounts that results in non-evenly distributed dollar amounts. This is especially common in scenarios where the item is divisible by three splitting rules or mappings.

In order for a user to properly track the exact amounts of their ledger, the provider needs to ensure that totals are "properly“ summing to exact amounts OR provide a way for the clients to manage the remaining pennies.

What’s new?

Greenshades chose to solve this problem intelligently instead of requiring that users manually find a home for these pennies. Instead, the system will logically place any remaining pennies into accounts to ensure that results are balanced by never leaving a remainder. This correction is spread across all split levels for all transaction types and on both sides (credits and debits) to ensure all scenarios balance.

Now, in those situations where there would typically be remaining extra pennies that would cause the ledger to lose balance, are instead automatically applied across a variety of accounts based on a weighted system that determines where the extra allocation should or should not be placed.

Ex (old): Credits and debits from a penny plagued pay run:

Ex (new): Credits and debits from an automatically manipulated penny pay run:


General Ledger Post Pay Run: > Payroll > View Last / Recent Pay Runs > “Submit Transactions to the General Ledger” section > Generate / Review Batch

General Ledger Reporting: > Reports > General Ledger Account Summary Report / General Ledger Transactions Details Report

Updated Feature – General Ledger: User Defined 1/2 added to General Ledger Mapping Categories


Some Greenshades Payroll clients must utilize the User Defined 1 and 2 fields to solution for gaps that the Greenshades employee or payroll custom fields cannot. Most typically, these are clients from Great Plains that were already utilizing User Defined 1 and 2 prior. Although these fields do flow to Greenshades, they are not always 100% supported throughout all modules. One of the areas that User Defined 1 and 2 were not fully supported was for General Ledger mapping processes.

What’s new?

Since this is not a standard workflow or feature set, the ability to map User Defined 1 and 2 in the GL settings has been enabled, but on a limited basis. It will only be presented as an option for requesting clients after it being turned on and is controlled by an internal setting.

Please reach out to Greenshades support if you require this functionality.

GL Mappings with categories for User Defined 1 and User Defined 2:


General Ledger Mappings: > Settings > General Ledger > Manage Categories > Select User Defined 1 and/or 2

Updated Feature – Reporting: Enhanced coverage and improved performance of the Pay Run Results Report


The Pay Run results report current has two major issues:

1. Performance: The report’s User Interface was non-performant for large data sets. In some situations, the report wouldn’t load and was completely unusable. Longer time frames of pay run information, even for smaller clients, would fail to completely run and generate the data.

2. Reported Data: This is the most used and comprehensive standard report for Greenshades Payroll users. However, there were still some notable pieces of data and functionality missing from the output for it to be a truly comprehensive payroll results summary.

What’s new?

1. Performance: The report is now accessible for all clients and data sizes. This was accomplished by turning the report to a “Download Only” output in scenarios when the results become too large to generate into the User Interface in a reasonable amount of time.

2. Reported Data: Crucial missing pieces of data, such as first-class earning fields (position, department, and work location), were added to the reporting results.

See the attached template that will compare the original version and new version of the Pay Run Results Report.

Ex: Large report – download only

Ex: New Pay Run Results report in the UI


Pay Run Results Reports: > Reports > Pay Run Results Report

Download Release Notes