Greenshades Payroll Updates

October 18, 2023

Updated Feature – Payroll Custom Fields: Filter & Sort in Pay Run Wizard grids

Background: The initial release of Payroll Custom Fields did not support the ability to filter or sort the Pay Run Wizard against said Custom Fields.

What’s new? In the Pay Run Wizard Hours & Earnings step, Payroll Custom Fields will be treated no differently than the other fields in the Wizard. In both the main grid, and “Add Manually” grids, all fields (now including Payroll Custom Fields):

  • Are sortable via ascending or descending order
  • Are searchable via the table filters

Sort by Payroll Custom Field

Filter by Payroll Custom Fields


Filter or Sort Payroll Custom Fields in Pay Run Wizard: > Payroll Tab > Start / Continue Pay Run > Hours & Earnings Grid > Click Column Header for Custom Fields to Sort or type in Filter box to search for selections

Updated Feature – Piece Rate: Support Piece Rate Earnings in Payroll Reporting

Background: Since Piece Rate Earnings are an entirely different form of earning compared to types like hourly, salary, or even fixed, they should be treated uniquely for reporting. It is especially crucial to NOT treat Units like Hours in summary reports since government tax reports, union rules, or even Workers Compensation reporting will often be specifically looking for actual Work Hours associated to a given Pay Period (not other “units of work”).

What’s new? All affected reports will have either a separate column added for Units or have removed the inclusion of Units from their displayed, exported, and downloaded totals in Hour summary columns. It should be noted that these columns and this data is only relevant to users with “Per Unit” type earnings codes in active use. If you are not using these types of codes, there is no affect to these reports and no changes will be visible in your reports.

List of updated reports:

  • Pay Run Summary Report
  • Employee Hours Summary Report
  • Pay Run Results Report
  • Pay Run Register Report
  • Employee Quarterly SUTA Report

Pay Run Summary Report with Units


Updates Reports: > Reports Tab > Select one of the reports with Units related changes (note that these will only show if you are using Units based earnings)

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