Greenshades Online Payroll Updates

August 16, 2023

New Feature – Greenshades API: GET Cost Reporting Results

Background: The Greenshades API is a public-facing set of endpoints for our clients and partners to utilize with the goal of integrating our data into other systems (i.e. Accounting packages, reporting software, relevant HCM solutions, etc.).

What’s new? This latest release has launched two new Public Endpoints that will provide user’s the full Cost Reporting data set in as granular of a format as possible. After retrieving the transactions, users can roll up, summarize, and reconfigure the data as needed for reporting purposes(i.e. Direct Labor Costs / Gross Margin Reporting)

  • GET Cost Reporting info for a single run returns Cost Reporting transactions from a specified run:

  • GET Cost Reporting info over a date range returns all Cost Reporting transactions for every pay run over a specified time:{employeeId}/payroll/pay schedule


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