Greenshades Online Payroll Updates

July 6, 2023

New Feature – Pay Run Wizard: Export / Re-import Hours & Earnings, Deductions, and Benefits info

Background: The information within a Pay Run, especially on the Earnings step, will often experience many edits between the initial creation of the Pay Run and its submission. As such, some clients, especially larger ones, will want to make large amounts of edits. This can be done within the Wizard, but often it Is faster to just make those edits in excel. Unfortunately, for any client that did not start with an imported set of data initially, would have difficulty getting the current data out of the Pay Run Wizard and into a state that is both editable and re-importable. This is due to the fact that previously the only option was to export the data to a view only state that would reflect the grid in the User Interface.

What’s new? Within all steps of the Pay Run Wizard, a second export option has been made available that will allow users to export the raw data as an .xlsx format that can be directly reimported to the pay run. This enables users to simply export the current data, make changes to the exported excel, and directly reimport the same file.

New Re-importable Export Option:


Pay Run Wizard Exports: > Payroll Tab > Continue / Run Payroll > Hours & Earnings, Deductions, or Benefits Tabs > Export > Raw Data for Re-Import

Enhanced Feature – Performance: Increased speed and usability of the GL Mapping UI

Background: Clients with ~20k+ GL mappings rules could not reliably view or edit their mappings through the User Interface due to slow performance and load time. Workspaces with very large rule counts would leave users waiting for upwards of 5 minutes before initially loading the tables and grids with their mappings. Once loaded, the interface to edit or save would be very slow and would cause most machines with low RAM to run out of memory (or “Get Stuck” in Layman terms).

What’s new? The entire General Ledger Settings page was iterated upon to vastly improve is usability for clients working with a larger set of data (GL mappings).


General Ledger Mappings: > Settings Tab > General Ledger > All Tabs / Edit Mappings

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