Greenshades Online Payroll Updates

May 3, 2023

New Feature – Reporting: New Time Off Summary Report (Payroll Only)

Background: Clients had no way to easily review employees time-off accruals, taken, or balance amounts at a given point in time or over a set time span. The only option was to view active balances as they were at the time of viewing through Payroll > Codes > Time-Off Codes > Manage Employees

What’s new? A new report has been added to the payroll reports list called the “Employee Time Off Summary Report". This report is only usable by Payroll clients since the Time off balances, accrual, and used numbers cannot be properly determined for non-payroll. There may be a separate report for non-payroll clients using Time keeping in the future.

Employee Time off Summary Example:


Employee Time Off Summary Report: > Reports Tab > Employee Time Off Summary  

Enhanced Feature – Reporting: Various fixes and improvements

Background: In a continued effort to make the payroll reporting suite consistent and proper, this is the final large-scale effort across all reports to clear up some small misses and issues still outstanding. Most of these were cosmetic by nature but caused inconsistency and confusion for users.

What’s new? The following changes have been made across the payroll reporting suite to improve the overall usability of reports:

  1. All reports have removed the text asking them to click “run report” to instead show the report title and its grid. Data will populate upon running the report.
  1. The favorites option has been added to all reports that were missing it
  1. "Filter Inactive Employees“ changed to "Include Inactive Employees" AND the default toggle state switched to ON
  1. Favorites option will operate the same for both "Payroll à Reports" and "Reports" pages. All payroll reports that are favorited in the core reports section will now also favorite in Payroll à Reports.

Example report with changes 1, 2, and 3 (Worker’s Compensation Report):


All Reports (Payroll section): > Reports Tab > Payroll Section

Payroll only reports page: > Payroll Tab > Reports

Enhanced Feature – Greenshades API: New Webhooks

Background: The Greenshades exposed APIs support the ability to establish Webhooks and listen for events. Listening to these events can tell users / clients about various actions that have happened in the system. This information about additions, updates, or removals of data will enable Greenshades API users to make decisions of how and when to perform other API calls.

What’s new? This latest release has launched a variety of new Webhooks that users can subscribe and listen to…

Earning Code Assignments  

  • employee.EarningCode.Updated will trigger every time an employee assignment is updated, like pay rate is changed
  • employee.EarningCode.Added will trigger every time an employee assignment is added to an employee
  • employee.EarningCode.Deleted will trigger every time an employee assignment is removed from an Employee

Pay Schedules and Schedule Assignments

  • PaySchedule.Updated will trigger whenever a schedule is updated
  • Employee.PaySchedule.Updated will trigger every time an employee is assigned to a pay schedule  

Pay Run Completed

  • Payroll.Pay Run.Completed will trigger whenever a pay run has successfully been submitted  


API Documentation: Greenshades API Development Portal  

Available Webhooks: Webhook Documentation

Download Release Notes