Greenshades Online Payroll Updates

March 22, 2023

Enhanced Feature – Enhanced Feature - Bank Accounts: Custom Check Numbering  

Background: Prior to these changes, the check numbering settings only allowed users to set a single numbering sequence that would be applied to all generated checks regardless of if they were Direct Deposit or Paper Check payments. As such, many users desired the ability to build custom sequencing for each check type (Electronic vs. Paper). One of the most obvious pain points from this process is the paper checks that are wasted after a sequential book has been printed.  

What’s new? Clients now have the ability to create custom numbering sequences to separate the generation of Paper Check numbers from Direct Deposit. The Direct Deposit check number can also utilize Pre-fixes to further differentiate the numbering scheme. The most obvious advantages include the ability to avoid the waste of paper checks as well as the ability to report and track checks separately (Electronic vs. Paper).  

Before –One Numbering Sequence for both Paper and DD:

After – Separate check numbering can optionally be applied for Paper and DD:


Create and Manage Check Numbering Sequences: > Settings Tab > Company Info > Bank Accounts > Add New / Edit Bank account

Enhanced Feature – Onboarding: Payroll Code Assignments through Onboarding Approval  

Background: The Greenshades Onboarding module allowed non-payroll client’s Limited Administrators to, during the admin approval process, assign a pay code and pay rate that would be used for downstream payroll systems (outside of Greenshades). Greenshades Payroll client’s desire the same ability so they can complete this step via onboarding instead of handling that process later on via the standard Earning code management in Greenshades Payroll.    

What’s new? Earnings code selection and rate assignments that are made during onboarding approval can now be applied to Earnings codes for Payroll clients. All other clients that do not utilize Greenshades Payroll will retain this ability as well. Additionally, this feature has been expanded from only being available for Limited Administrators to being accessible by all Greenshades’ admin types (Super Administrator, Limited Administrator, Payroll Administrator, or Limited Payroll Administrator).

Referenced area of Onboarding approval:  


Onboarding Approval (Pay Codes): > Employees Tab > New Hires (side Navigation) > New Hires > Select Employee for Approval > “Employment Details” Step

Enhanced Feature – Greenshades API: Pay Schedules

Background: The Greenshades API is a public facing set of endpoints for our clients and partners to utilize with the goal of integrating our data into other systems (i.e. Accounting packages, reporting software, relevant HCM solutions, etc.).

What’s new? This latest release has launched two new Public Endpoints that will interact with employee Earning Code assignments.

These endpoints will retrieve information about the codes assignments for the targeted employee.  

Earning Code Assignments (in the Greenshades Online UI)


Greenshades API Development Portal  

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