Greenshades Online Payroll Updates

April 3, 2024

Enhanced Feature – Cost Reporting: Add Workers Compensation data to the results


The original design of the Cost Reporting data was restricted specifically to the pay run results that Greenshades considered relevant to the business cost in relation to the payroll itself. This included the following:

  • Employee Earnings
  • Employer Benefits
  • Employer Taxes

With that, a key piece of information was not included that is considered a part of at least the burden if not the full cost of paying an employee - their Workers Compensation insurance cost.

What’s new?

Clients that will utilize our Cost Reporting data who require the Workers Comp data to be tied to the rest of the Cost Reporting results will be able to find all the data in one centralized place. The following Workers Comp information was added to the cost reporting results and is now available via internal reports and the Greenshades Public APIs.

  • Worker’s Compensation Code
  • Worker’s Compensation Rate
  • Worker’s Compensation Amount (or Premium)

Updated Cost Report in Greenshades Online

Updated Cost Reporting Endpoint in the Greenshades Public API


Payroll Cost Report: > Reports Tab > Cost Report

Cost Reporting Endpoints in Public API:

Enhanced Feature – Timesheets: Variety of UI Fixes and Enhancements


A list of different areas of the Timesheets screens provided insufficient information and feedback to the user to help guide them to the correct choices. This information is often confusing and will lead to users feeling the need to reach out to Greenshades support or implementation teams.

What’s new?

A bunch of visual updates and text changes were made that should allow users to navigate Timesheet settings more clearly. These changes include, but are not limited to:

  1. “Time off Policy” header changed to “Time Off Codes” where relevant.
  2. Names used for the Earning Codes that are outside of timesheets were updated to say “Payroll” instead of “Accounting Package” codes.
  3. Renamed setting for “Timecodes' hours count toward OT threshold but are not normally converted to an OT Time Code:” and added a detailed information description.
  4. Time Clock text updates

Pay Group Settings Updates:

Time Code Setup:


Timesheets Settings: > Settings Tab > Employee Services > Timesheet

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