Greenshades Online Payroll Updates

January 19, 2024

New Feature – Payroll Stat & Compliance: Disregard carried over Exempt W-4s and notify for reissue


When Employees who have filed their W-4s as exempt workers have crossed the threshold into a new calendar year, the federal government requires that a new federal W-4 is submitted prior to February 15th of the new year to continue to receive tax exempt withholdings. Otherwise, those employees are to receive default tax withholdings (single filing with no exceptions and no dependents). Greenshades did not previously take action against “expired” forms that were submitted as exempt and will allow workers to maintain their federally exempted withholdings without new form submissions.

What’s new?

With the goal of helping our business administrators and admins remain as complaint as possible, a new rule set has been applied that will automatically set tax parameters to default tax withholdings on February 15th of each calendar year for all employees who have not submitted a current year exempt Federal W-4.

With this change, a new set of warnings will be triggered in Greenshades Online (Admin side) pages as well as Green Employee (EE side) for employees with an exempt federal W-4 from prior calendar years, but without newly a submitted federal forms for the current calendar year. In addition, employees will receive weekly email notifications of this deficiency. These warnings and notices will be applied from January 1st until February 15th each year.

Note: For 2024 specifically, these warnings and notifications started on the day of release (01/16/2024)

Greenshades Online Home Page Warning

Greenshades Online Payroll Page Warning

Greenshades Online Employee Tax Parameters Page Warning

Green Employee Home Page Warnings

Employee Email Warning:

Employee Email Updated Notice on February 15th:


Exempt W-4 Employee Warnings: > Home

Exempt W-4 Admin Home / Payroll Warning: > Home / Payroll > Warning Widget

Exempt W-4 Admin Warning for a Specific Employee: > Employee > Employee with Exempt W-4 from prior year > Payroll Section > Tax Parameters

Updated Feature – Payroll Stat & Compliance: Update all changed W-4 forms for tax year 2024


With each new calendar year comes new W-4 options and withholding parameters governed by the federal and state governments. Greenshades must support all new form parameters to maintain proper taxation on any newly submitted 2024 W-4s.

What’s new?

All W-4 federal and state changes for calendar year 2024 have been updated and released to enable all users to submit and utilize the current set of filing parameters.

List of impacted forms below:

  • Fed W-4 (and all state forms that use it)
  • AL A4-MS
  • DC D-4A
  • GA G-4P (maybe adding)
  • KY K-4
  • IA W-4P & W-4S
  • IL W-4
  • IN WH-4
  • MI MI-W4
  • MN W-4MNP
  • MS 89350
  • MT MW-4
  • ND NDW-R & NDW-M
  • OR OR-W-4
  • RI W4
  • WV IT-104 & IT-104NR


Employee W-4 submission: > Documents > W-4 > Create Federal W-4 / Add tax form

New Feature – ACH: Option to remove special characters in Employee names from the file


It is typical for ACH files that are following the NACHA format to only contain Alphanumeric information. Often, if other types of special characters are in the file, the bank will reject it. Since Greenshades does allow for employee names to contain special characters, they are naturally added to the ACH files, which can result in ACH submission issues.

What’s new?

A new Internal Payroll setting has been created that will always force the ACH file to only generate Alphanumeric information for employees. This setting is set to ON by default for all new clients. However, to ensure active client bank processes were not disrupted, this has NOT been forced to on for active clients automatically.

If you require this option, please reach out to your Greenshades support or implementations representative.


Contact Greenshades Support to edit this setting.

Updated Feature – Bulk Manage Earning Codes: Removed "download" validation


The Bulk Earnings Import workflow always forced the download action to be taken prior to moving forward in order to protect the user from an accidental destructive import that could clear current assignments if not careful.

What’s new?

Using the Bulk Manage Earnings code import will no longer be destructive. This enables users to add or update any number of earnings codes assignments through the import without unintentionally overwriting assignments that were out of their scope to change.

Bulk Earnings Code wizard does NOT require a Download:


Bulk Manage Earning Codes: > Settings > Codes > Earning Codes > Bulk Manage Codes

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