Greenshades Online Payroll Updates

September 27, 2023

New Feature – Location Based Time Off: Support for state based Paid Sick Leave  

Background: Prior Time-off code settings and options did not provide an automated way to support State mandated Paid Sick Leave. Support for this would entail tracking for time off through work performed in specific locations or states. The previous Time Off logic for accruals, taken (via PTO code use), or for it to be captured through payroll in general, was driven by worked hours or fixed accruals by a set date or pay period. The only workaround was for the client to track state driven Paid Sick Leave was to manually store and track the balances post payroll.

Feature Description: Time-off can be set to accrue based on working hours performed in the chosen location(s). This allows for TO codes to be created for each set of Paid Sick Leave for specific state rulings.

Feature Highlights:

  • Time-off accruals can be accrued based on select locations. Multiple Locations can be assigned to a single code setup, with each location having a specific accrual rate. They will share all maximums.  
  • Only the Hours / Earnings that have that location assigned will accrue for the code with the targeted location
  • Taken hours against the TO code will be based on PTO locations
  • The previously added Hire Date gating will be required for some PSL rules
  • PSL rules will NOT be automatically applied and are therefore completely determined by the individually defined settings for the code. As such, Greenshades software cannot ensure PSL compliance.  
  • Note: All Location selections assigned to a code will share all code level settings. As such, some PSL plans will require multiple codes to meet the rules across multiple cities or jurisdictions in that state.

Will I, as the reader, benefit from this feature? Any client that is looking to properly support Paid Sick Leave through Payroll will need to utilize this feature. Moreover, you may find value from this feature if you provide employees Time-off based on where they work, not just their total working hours.

Who can use this feature? All Greenshades Payroll Clients

Ex: NYC Paid Sick Leave Setup:

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

Ex: Reducing a PSL balance (PTO code is related to NYC PSL code):

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated


Location Based Time-off Code (PSL) Setup: > Settings Tab > Payroll > Codes > Time Off Codes > New / Edit Time Off Code > Time Off Accrual Details and Time Off Code Details

Updated Feature – Pay Run Wizard: Pay Run Summary Totals report sorted and summed by specific fields

Background: Some businesses require the ability to review payroll totals and liabilities in a sorted and summed manner based on specific fields (i.e. Department, Positions, or Locations) prior to submitting payroll. This view of these totals needs to be exportable for the purpose of sending the pre-submitted pay run to other managers, store owners, etc. As a result, to meet this requirement, the generated report would need to be taken from within the Pay Run Wizard itself (mid payroll).

Feature Description: A new internal workspace setting has been added to enable the Pay Run Summary Totals Report, found within the Review & Submit step, to sum and sort by first class payroll fields (Department, Position, or Location) instead of a standard alphabetically sorted list only summed per individual employee.  

Feature Highlights:

  • Once the setting is applied, the new reporting style will replace the original Summary report, but can be changed back at any time.
  • The report will begin with a summary section for each grouping of that selected field (i.e. Totals for Work Location A). Beyond the summary section will be standard summaries per employee.
  • After the first sheet of the export, all remaining tabs are broken out per the selected field value only (i.e. Sheet 2 = Work Location 1, Sheet 3 = Work Location 2, Sheet 4 = Work Location 3). See attached example.

Will I, as the reader, benefit from this feature? Any client that must review Pay Run totals prior to them being submitted in a summary that is not per employee (per department, position, or location)

Who can use this feature? All Greenshades Payroll Clients. Please reach out to your implementations or support representatives to have your Pay Run Summary Totals Report summing and sorting by one of the aforementioned fields

Retrieve Totals Summary Report:

New Pay Run Summary Report summed / sorted by location:

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated


Pay Run Summary Totals Report: > Payroll Tab > Run / Continue Pay Run > Review & Submit > Export to Excel

New Feature – Greenshades API: Public API: Bulk POST and DELETE for Employees (Pay Runs)

Background: The Greenshades API is a public facing set of endpoints for our clients and partners to utilize with the goal of integrating our data into other systems (i.e. Accounting packages, reporting software, relevant HCM solutions, etc.).

What’s new? The original Public Endpoints provided users the ability to interact with employees in pay runs by adding a single employee to a Pay Run at a time, but no other actions were possible. New endpoints have provided additional options for interacting with Employees in Pay Runs. This latest release has launched two new Public Endpoints that will Bulk add and single delete Employees from opened runs.

  • POST or add multiple (bulk) employees to an active pay run:



  • DELETE a single employe from an active pay run:  



Add Multiple Employees to a Pay Run (shown in the UI)::

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

Remove an Employee from a Pay Run (shown in the UI)

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated


Greenshades API Development Portal  

Download Release Notes