Greenshades Online Payroll Updates

March 1, 2023

New Feature - Payroll Setup: Payroll Custom Fields + Cost Reporting (Initial Rollout)

Feature Description: Until now, the level of identifiable information against an employee's earnings had been restricted to the use of the out-of-the-box Greenshades First Class Fields(Position, Department, and Work Location). The availability of Payroll Custom Fields opens this door in countless ways by allowing the client to decide and define the identifiers and information that they find to be valuable as it relates to an employee’s earnings. Moreover, the Cost Reporting and GL splitting piece of this release will allow clients to flexibly tackle a variety of billing and reporting heavy processes such as; project accounting, direct labor cost reporting, job cost analysis, and more.

Key Feature Information (for initial rollout):

  • Users CAN Setup Payroll Custom Fields
  • Users CAN Edit/assign custom field values in pay runs
  • Users CAN use the Hours and Earnings import that supports Custom Fields
  • Users CAN select and generate GL data via pro-rata splitting methods per earnings. GL Data is generated with cost reporting Pro-Rata splits (Per GS standard fields (location, department, and positions) as well as Dimensions. Note: This split method can and should be used INSTEAD of the splitting option found on the employee card per EE
  • Adjustment runs CAN create a specific Cost Reporting dataset. Adjustments will create Cost Reporting results that are the difference between the original run and the new Adjustment run data. Note: If payroll settings are changed between the original run and the adjustments, there is potential for these deltas to be incorrect
  • Users CANNOT report against the Cost Reporting dataset themselves, but it is indeed generated and available. Reports can be easily queried to grab the data for these clients manually as needed

Will I, as the reader, benefit from this feature?

Any client that requires additional identifiers/levels of information against their earnings will benefit from this feature. Often, this will imply that you are looking to facilitate some sort of Project Accounting or additional data analysis, which will require this level of earnings detail.


Who can use this feature? This feature has been rolled out to an initial pilot group to gain feedback before opening it up to the whole client base. Upon request, this feature can be turned on for your workspace/company at any time.


Custom Fields setup:

Import Custom Fields (example):

Custom Fields in the Pay Run Wizard (example):

General Ledger Splitting:

Additional information about this functionality can be found in the attached User Guide. Download release notes to access guide.


Payroll Custom Fields: > Settings > Payroll Tab > Custom Fields

General Ledger Splitting - > Settings > Payroll Tab > General Ledger > Split Allocations


Enhanced Feature – Adjustments: Support General Ledger Transactions

Background: Adjustment runs did not produce GL transactions when the run was completed due to a variety of issues and misunderstandings around how the transactions should be logged. As such, a message was displayed to users to warn users that no GL transactions will be created.

What’s new? General Ledger Transactions will now always be created for adjustment runs. Consider the below changes:

  • Adjustment Runs that produce resulting net wages from “Wage Repayment Arrears” will create a Negative Deduction (debit).Important to note that in future runs this will act as a standard deduction and produce a credit side transaction.
  • Wage Repayments can now be mapped to resulting GL accounts in the General Ledger mapping settings.
  • The Warning has been removed and replaced with note to users that reads “The General Ledger for this Pay Run will be generated based on your current settings. If any Ledger settings have changed since the original pay run, the produced transactions should be carefully reviewed before sending to your accounting package.”


Before – General Ledger Transactions not created

After – Warning removed and GL mapping available for Wage Repayment Deductions


Creating an Adjustment Pay Run GL: > Payroll Tab > Recent Pay Runs > Adjust > Review & Submit > Submit Pay Run  

General Ledger Mapping (Wage Repayment): > Settings Tab > Payroll à General Ledger > Deductions > Edit Mappings > Split by “Code”> Select Wage Repayment

Enhanced Feature – Pay Run Wizard: Enable the Pay Run Wizard to accept .csvformats

Background: Clients that are providing payroll input data from third-party sources beyond Greenshades, especially for Hours &Earnings, may require the ability to import via a Comma Separated file (.csv). Historically, Pay Run wizard imports will only accept .xlsx file types.

What’s new? The .csv format is accepted into all pay run wizard imports. Moreover, the data entered will validate and produce error logs no differently than if an.xlsx file that was imported.

The following imports now accept .csv formats:

  • Pay Run Wizard – Hours & Earnings
  • Pay Run Wizard – Deductions
  • Pay Run Wizard – Benefits


Pay Run Wizard Import:


Pay Run Wizard Imports: > Payroll Tab > Start / Continue > Pay Run > Add Hours & Earnings, Benefits, or Deductions > Upload Hours & Earnings, Benefits, or Deductions

Bug Fix – Employees: Disabled Employee ID (Native ID) editability

Background: Until this release, clients had the ability to edit Employee ID (Native ID) for an employee after creation. Unfortunately, doing so would result in issues to variety of downstream processes that relied on the original ID. Allowing users to edit this ID after Employee creation was improper functionality that should have never been available – especially for payroll clients.

The Fix: The edit mode functionality for EmployeeID (NativeID) is no longer possible for any clients (payroll or otherwise). Once an employee is created the Employee ID cannot be changed.

To help clarify this change to user, an information (i) icon has been added next to the un-editable field that reads "EmployeeIDs cannot be edited after creation due to downstream complications."

Employee ID no longer editable:


Employee ID: > Employees Tab > Select Employee > Employment > Information > Edit

Bug Fix – Pay Run Wizard: Fixed Review & Submit "View Paystub" options to "Clear"  

Background: The Pay Run Wizard tax override feature was showing the ability to “clear” codes that were not taxes, which is out of the scope of tax override. Moreover, the "View Paystub" functionality that allows you to “clear” code values other than taxes, was also showing the ability to “clear” taxes. In both cases, these “clear” buttons did not work since their functionality is restricted to the types of codes that they should be able to clear.

The Fix: These two pages have been changed to work as intended. As such,

  • For “Tax Override”- The "Clear" option was removed from every section except for taxes
  • For "View Paystub" - The "Clear" option was removed from the taxes section

Before (Example) – Tax Override allowing other codes to be cleared

After (Example) – Tax Override only allowing taxes to be cleared


Tax Override: > Payroll Tab > Start/continue Pay Run > Review & Submit > Taxes link for a single Employee Row > Tax Override

View Paystub: > Payroll Tab > Start/continue Pay Run > Review & Submit > Any row in the table > View Paystub

Download Release Notes