Greenshades Online Payroll Update

May 24, 2023

Enhanced Feature – Payroll Custom Fields: Add Custom Fields to General Ledger reports

Background: Custom Fields and Cost Report splitting are newly live features for GS Payroll Clients. Unfortunately, since the original releases, most users could not actually see Payroll Custom Fields as they weren’t present in standard GS supported reporting. This was especially problematic for those applying the fields splits and mappings against their General Ledgers.

What’s new? All Payroll General Ledger reports that are at the detail level, meaning they will show each individual transaction, will now include all Payroll Custom field information relevant to said transactions.

List of updated reports:

· General Ledger Transaction Details Report

· General Ledger Suspense Account (Unmapped transactions) Report

· General Ledger Preview (on the review and submit step of an active pay run)

Ex: General Ledger Details Report


General Ledger Transaction Details Report: > Reports Tab > General Ledger Transaction Details

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