Greenshades Online Payroll Feature Update

February 8, 2023

Enhanced Feature – Pay Schedules: Allow for Custom Pay Periods  

Background: In certain scenarios, a business may require the ability to create custom Pay Periods that utilize a non-midnight start / end time to pay hourly employees up to a specific hour instead of days end (midnight). Previously, if an employee worked past midnight on the last day of a pay period, those remaining hours would have been paid in the following period. This was the case even if work period / work week start and end times were set to a non-might time, thus leaving the pay period and work periods start / end hours misaligned.  

What’s new? The Pay Schedule UI now allows clients to specify a specific a time component (hourly) for Pay Periods. This change includes an option to force the Pay Period start / end time to match the Work Period. This option will be turned on by default since it is expected that work week start / end will typically match pay period start / end time.

Old Pay Schedule UI:

New Pay Schedule UI:


Pay Schedule (setup): > Settings > Payroll > Pay Schedules > New / Edit a Schedule

Enhanced Feature – Workers Comp: New Workers Comp Code export / import management

Background: Workers comp codes and rates are defined within the Position settings of the overall company structure. Rates are defined per position per comp code. Since rates are all defined from a combination of position, state, and code there is potential for large set of additions or updates required to be made at any given time. This need requires an avenue to bulk manage these values as individual code and rate management is not scalable across hundreds of codes.  

What’s new? A new export / import process to add / update workers comp codes and rates has been added to the Company Structure User Interface.

Import / Export Fields:

  1. Position
  1. Comp Code Effective Date
  1. Comp Code State
  1. Comp Code
  1. Comp Code Rate

Uniqueness workflow (for updates):

  1. Position  
  1. Comp Code  
  1. Comp Code State
  1. Effective Date

New Workers Comp Code Management Button:


Positions Management (Workers Comp Codes): > Settings > Company Info > Company Structure > Positions > Bulk Manage Comp Codes

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