Greenshades Online Login Updates

December 28, 2022


New feature: Admin Login: Security Image Removal

A couple of decades ago, banks introduced security images to show customers that the web page they were logging into was legitimate and not a phony or phising website designed by a bad actor.

Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, using tactics that bypass the images, such as scraping information off a screen to later replicate that photo on a malicious website, or lurking until after the customer logs in and hijacking afterward. Greenshades has now updated the login process to remove the security image.

New feature: Admin Login Lockout Enhancement

The idea of a lock is to slow down someone trying to brute force/spray a login screen and this progressive account lock achieves just that!

Rather than locking Admin accounts permanently, this new approach will help with prior admins that may have worked for your company, and left prior to your Year End process.

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