Green Employee Updates

December 19, 2023

Enhanced Feature

There is a new look and feel to the Green Employee Documents section that can also be accessed via a mobile device! The My Documents page on Green Employee now breaks down in an easy to understand view of documents pending approval, upcoming and past due. Employees can select each section to filter the grid of documents to the documents of that status.

Documents assigned to the employee or documents completed by the employee can be viewed and managed via the my documents grid. Employees can view the name, description, status and take action from the grid. Employees can view a preview of a PDF or image by selecting the name of the document.

Shortcuts will take the employee to additional pages for standard documentation and the document library. Direct deposit and W-4s do not display in the my documents grid, but can be accessed via this section.

Employees can view a brief document history on the righthand side. If they wish to view additional history of their documents, they can select “View all” to view a complete history of their documentation.

Enhanced Feature

Selecting “New Document” on the My documents page or the “Document Library” from the top navigation will take the employee to the new document library. These are all documents (reference, policies, and forms) the employee has access to. The document library can be filtered by document type and via the search bar. An employee can either start a document that they have not yet completed or manage a document that they have already completed.

Enhanced Feature

Any document that the employee has previously completed can be accessed via the “manage” button on the document library or my documents page. If the employee is allowed to have more than one version of the document on file, they will see multiple versions of the document. If the employee is allowed to create the document, then they will be able to do so via the “create” button. The employee can download the document at any time. If there is preview of the document available, then they can view it on the screen. Any key fields or uploaded files can be viewed from this page as well.

Enhanced Feature

An employee can complete any document they have access to. The way that the employee completes the document is defied by the rules of the document on Greenshades Online.

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