Applicant Tracking and Recruiting

Stay in control of the hiring process with Greenshades' powerful ability to integrate with any Applicant Tracking System. With data communicating across platforms, you are free to focus on what's most important: finding the best candidates for your team.
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Recruiting Top Talent Has Never Been Easier

Experience an optimized recruitment process with Greenshades, where technology works in harmony to support your talent acquisition goals. Our seamless integration capabilities allow information to flow from your ATS directly into the Greenshades solution, eliminating manual data entry and streamlining workflows.
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Recruit Top Talent with Less Manual Entry
Greenshades' simplifies the recruitment process, minimizing manual entry while maximizing efficiency in identifying and attracting top talent for your open positions.
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Consolidate Candidate Tracking
As top candidates come on board, their information integrates into our system, allowing you to conveniently track and add new employees in one centralized location.
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Easily Manage New Hires
Inside Greenshades, you can manage the entire hiring process and get new hires set up for success on their first day.

How it Works

Tracking qualified applicants for your organization does not have to be a cumbersome process. Streamline all your recruiting and applicant tracking needs using Greenshades' powerful ATS integrations.
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Review Applicants

Greenshades provides the ability to retain your chosen technology.

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View Employee Data

Workflows transition information smoothly as it flows from the applicant tracking to Greenshades with no manual inputs.

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Manage New Hires

Data from the ATS populates into a new employee card within the system, so you can efficiently initiate new roles.

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Customized Reporting

After the data from the ATS populates a new employee card in Greenshades, customize a wide range of canned reports across all areas to generate the metrics your organization needs. Select favorite reports often used so they are top of the list and easy to find.

Applicant Tracking

Experience a seamless journey from applicant to employee with Greenshades' integration capabilities. Our solution effortlessly connects with your preferred ATS provider, making for a smooth hiring process.
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Analyze Key Data

General data exports can be generated to integrate into your ERP for deeper or more granular analysis.

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Employee Self-Service
Make it easy for employees to access the resources they need to thrive.
Employee Onboarding
Easily welcome new employees to your team.
Certifications & License Management
Keep track of all your industry-specific requirements, certifications, and licensing.
Documents & Organization Charts
Keep forms, employee handbooks, and other business documents in the cloud.
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Optimize the entire training process for your employees.
Applicant Tracking & Recruiting
Streamline the recruiting process to find the best talent for your team.
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