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Advantages of a Timeclock Integration to Payroll

Lauren DeBisschop
Nov 1, 2022
5 min

When it comes to processing payroll, there are multiple challenges to overcome. Ensuring proper application of tax codes, calculating overtime pay, determining shift differentials - payroll administrators have a lot to handle at pay run time.

Managing employee time and attendance is one of the biggest tasks payroll teams undertake when they run payroll. Issues with timecards, pay rules, and paid time off can create a headache when they need to be corrected under a time crunch. Time clock software can eliminate this pain and make time entry a seamless push into payroll.

The Importance of Managing Employee Time

Ensuring correct timecards and reporting is a critical component of payroll. Inaccuracies in time reporting by the employee and mistakes by payroll managers can be costly - having a snowball effect on the entire system that can lead to compliance issues, employee dissatisfaction, and more. Businesses of all sizes need to consider the importance of a strong link between time, attendance, and payroll.

Utilizing a timeclock system that works with your payroll solution is a great way to ease the burden of many of the managing employee time challenges, and Greenshades’ partnership with Lathem Time Tracking offers exactly that. The seamless integration between the Greenshades payroll solution and Lathem’s PayClock Online software provides the ability to process payroll faster, more accurately, and with less stress.

Solve Time and Attendance Challenges

The integration between Greenshades’ solutions and Lathem Time Tracking’s PayClock Online product helps businesses process payroll faster by giving payroll processing teams the ability to:

  1. Automate payroll calculations
  1. Correct employee timecard errors as they occur
  1. Manage employee paid time off and holidays
  1. Directly integrate employee timecard data with other systems
  1. Prepare employee time for processing payroll at anytime, from anywhere.

Greenshades provides customers with intuitive solutions to simplify daily payroll and HR tasks, and Lathem’s PayClock Online simplifies time and attendance. The partnership has empowered businesses with the ability to run payroll with ease. To learn more about Greenshades partnership with Lathem, amongst other systems, visit our marketplace.  

Feel Setup for Success

By integrating Lathem’s PayClock Online with Greenshades’ real-time solutions, daily payroll and HR tasks are simplified and efficient.

  1. Automate payroll calculations

Manually updating pay rules for employees is cumbersome and inefficient, and it can often lead to significant errors. Instead of wasting time on manual entry, Lathem’s PayClock Online software automatically calculates each employee’s hours and applies the correct rules as needed. In addition, you can easily customize punch rounding rules in the system so that all employee’s hours are held to the same standard.

  1. Correct employee timecard errors as they occur

Correcting missed punches or adjusting timecard errors can take a lot of time if you must wait until payroll day to fix them. Instead of causing delays on pay run day, the PayClock Online system will identify issues in real time and notify the appropriate manager or managing team. With custom permissions and logins, each manager can handle their employees’ timecards from anywhere, at any time, ensuring timecard errors are corrected sooner rather than later.

  1. Manage employee paid time off and holidays

Employees have the power to view and submit PTO from their phones, and managers can review requests in real-time. Once approved, the time clock software updates the employee’s timecard automatically, saving managers the hassle of doing it themselves. In addition, HR teams can set up custom holiday calendars before the year starts. Then, the PayClock Online system applies the correct payroll codes to those holidays during the corresponding pay period to save managers time and energy.

  1. Directly integrate employee timecard data with your other systems

When your accounting, payroll, and time systems seamlessly integrate, there’s no wasting time re-entering data. Lathem’s PayClock Online system automatically syncs to Greenshades’ payroll solutions – updating employee time, pay, and more as changes are made. In addition, Greenshades integrates directly with popular systems such as Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage Intacct, and Bullhorn, amongst other ERPs. The synchronization between all the solutions eases the burden of managing data between multiple systems.  

  1. Prepare employee time for processing payroll at any time, from anywhere

As businesses offer workers more flexibility to work remotely, payroll has become increasingly complicated. Being able to access employee timecard information and process information from anywhere is crucial to keeping up with a remote workforce. With a cloud-based system, Lathem’s time clock system has made it possible to manage employee time from anywhere.  

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What This Means for Your Business

HR teams encounter many challenges when managing and processing payroll. PayClock Online offers multiple solutions to common employee time and attendance issues that managers handle. With a seamless integration between the time clock system and Greenshades, running payroll is simpler, easier, and less stressful. The partnership between Lathem Time Tracking and Greenshades has created an unparalleled experience for payroll administrators and employees alike.  

To learn more about the Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform and Payroll Accuracy, contact or visit   

For more information about PayClock Online or Time and Attendance Accuracy, visit Lathem. 

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