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When preparing employee worked time for payroll, there are multiple challenges to overcome. Greenshades' partnership with Lathem Time Tracking has resulted in a simple and seamless solution. Download the FREE ebook to learn the secrets to process payroll faster, more accurately, and with less stress.
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Managing employee time and attendance is a big task - but Greenshades seamless integration with Lathem's PayClock Online system can help you stay ahead of the game.
  • Automate payroll calculations
  • Correct employee timecard errors as they occur
  • Manage employee paid time off and holidays
  • And more!

Learn All the Secrets

By integrating Lathem’s PayClock Online with Greenshades’ dynamic solutions, daily payroll and HR tasks are simplified and efficient.
  • Reduce your team's workload with seamless integration between systems
  • Synchronized systems prevent duplicate time entries
  • Automate specific tasks to save your payroll admin crucial time
  • Utilize powerful mobile features to take control of your payroll processes
Learn more by downloading the ebook Secrets to Stress Free and Faster Payroll Processing.
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