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What time is it?

October 19, 2017
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Did you know?

I read an article recently in the Smithsonian Magazine that explored the intricacies involved in time and how our measurement (and accuracy) of time has changed so much over the years. The article even discussed how our view of a timeline differs in many cases based on culture. For example, some cultures view the past as behind us (and the future ahead of us), while other cultures view the past in front us (and the future behind us). Why the difference? Well, because you see what’s in front of you, but you cannot always see what’s behind you. Some cultures believe this perception of a linear timeline is more accurate.

No matter what your view of time is though, it’s critical that an employee’s work time is being captured correctly. No one wants to underpay (or overpay) an employee for their actual hours worked. This can not only lead to a decline in employee satisfaction and retention, but this can also lead to an unhappy visit from the Department of Labor’s, Wage and Hour Division.

No two companies are the same, and no two employees are the same. Because of this, your organization may have unique requirements you need to consider when evaluating time and attendance solutions.

Greenshades understands that companies need options when building a time and attendance solution, which is why there are multiple options available to you:

  • Web Entry
  • Mobile Time Clock
  • Time Clock Kiosk
  • Web Time Clock

Web Entry is a quick and easy way for employees to enter in time on their timesheet on any given day within the pay period or workweek. After navigating to the Employee Timesheet on Green Employee, an employee is prompted with a window to enter their time. They will enter their time by providing the start and end time of the shift (left example) or, an employee can enter a fixed start time (right example), based on company settings.

Mobile Time Clock is a great method for employees on the go. Right from the mobile app an employee can clock in or out while tracking which Code and Department (if applicable) their time is assigned to.

Time Clock Kiosk is perfect for employees working at a location with limited internet connection or computer access. The Time Clock Kiosk is a modern alternative to an expensive hardware timeclock solution. From a shared workstation, employees can quickly clock in and out by entering in a kiosk pin without logging in to the Green Employee portal.

Web Time Clock is a great option for employees who are signing in to the Green Employee self-service portal at the start of each shift. Check out this short video walking an employee through the Web Time Clock application.

So, what time is it? If you’re not sure, contact Greenshades today.

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