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3 Essential Strategies for Effective Time Tracking

Lauren DeBisschop
Nov 3, 2023

Efficiently track employee time and attendance with Greenshades.

Precise employee time tracking is essential for efficient payroll management. By loading timesheets into the pay run you can automatically collect essential information needed for accurate payroll processing like work location, PTO accrual, overtime, and more. Neglecting timekeeping precision can lead to scrutiny from the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division, resulting in significant fines for the organization. In summary, precise timekeeping streamlines payroll and prevents costly compliance issues.

Almost half of all American workers will start looking for a new job after experiencing two or more issues with their paycheck.

Such a significant statistic underscores the gravity of accurate time and attendance can be daunting. However, in this blog, we'll delve into the 3 standout options Greenshades provides, empowering your employees to flawlessly track their hours.

Time and Labor Management at Greenshades, our software is specifically designed to ensure compliance with location-specific rules regarding overtime and break regulations. We prioritize maintaining adherence to these rules, helping your organization avoid any compliance issues.

Our solution goes beyond simple clock-in and clock-out functionality. With Greenshades, you gain access to timesheets equipped with advanced features that can be customized based on user permissions. Once employees have clocked in, their worked hours are automatically populated in their timesheets for easy approval and tracking.

Time and Attendance Tracking Options

Every company has its own unique scenarios and needs, right? That's why we've crafted a variety of time-punching options. We want to make sure the solution feels just right for both your business and your hard-working employees.

1) Mobile Application

With our mobile application, employees can clock in or out right from their smartphones. Plus, they can easily assign their time to specific Codes and Locations, if needed, all while on the go.

Mobile time clock in Greenshades

2) Web-based clock

Web entry is a great option for employees who are signing into the Green Employee self-service portal at the start of each shift. It is a quick and easy way for employees to enter time on their timesheet on any given day within the pay period or workweek.

web-based time clock in Greenshades

3) Kiosk-Based Time Management

With our integrated solutions, employees can clock in using a range of methods, from badges and fingerprint recognition to face scanning and unique clock-in numbers. The Time Clock Kiosk is especially ideal for locations with limited internet or computer access.

The Value of Greenshades’ Time and Attendance

The Greenshades Time and Attendance solution offers multiple options to clock in, ensuring that each team member feels empowered and equipped with the necessary tools to thrive. For managers and supervisors, a proper time entry solution is a game-changer as it simplifies employee’s lives and relieves the burden on your employees, saving precious time and effort.

Our solution also seamlessly integrates with your payroll system, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This integration not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring accurate and efficient payroll processing. To learn more, request a demo today.  

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