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On-Demand Webinar: Accuracy Counts - Time, Attendance & Payroll

Oct 7, 2022

Greenshades and Lathem have partnered to present Accuracy Counts: The Critical Links Between Time, Attendance, & Payroll.

Marc Moschetto, Founder and CEO of Kickmotor LLC, Tom Wurth, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator for Greenshades, and Lance Whipple, Vice President at Lathem Time, discuss contributors to payroll errors, best practices for mitigating payroll errors and insights into time and attendance and payroll technologies.  

This webinar is composed of four topics:  

  1. Greenshades & Lathem: Company Overviews 
  2. New World, Higher Stakes: Why there's a renewed focus on Time, Payroll, and HR  
  3. Challenges & Opportunities: Common source of errors & what you can do about it  
  4. The Power of a Unified Approach: Solution walkthroughs and best practices.  

Watch the Webinar Replay: 

Read the Webinar Recap:  

  1. Greenshades & Lathem: Company Overviews

For 20 years, Greenshades has been supporting mid-sized businesses with cloud-based solutions in Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits Management, Tax and Compliance, and Time and Labor Management.

Lathem Time, founded in 1919 in Atlanta, Georgia, is an expert in Time and Attendance. With over 1 million time clocks sold and processing 30 million punches monthly, Lathem has evolved with the times moving from paper to digital automation but never lost focus on helping employers track time and attendance and get their employees paid.

  1. New World, Higher Stakes: Why there's a renewed focus on Time, Payroll, and HR 

Current events have placed a renewed emphasis on the strategic role of HR and Payroll. What does this mean? Back-office functions, like adequate time and absence management, are key contributors to an organization's operational success. Organizations that treat HR as a strategic function see an 11% increase in positive business outcomes. Now more than ever, accuracy matters.  

How can you ensure accuracy?  

  • Make sure time and attendance data is complete and correct  
  • Make sure payroll is complete, correct, and on-time  
  • Cater to all employee types: remote, in-office, and hybrid 
  • Address all federal, state, and local policies and regulations 
  • Year-end forms processing must be completed on time and free of errors for both employee-facing and IRS/DOS  

The impact of inaccuracies in time reporting or payroll can cause a snowball effect and be costly. Inaccurate time capture will deliver erroneous data to payroll, driving incorrect pay and tax calculations. Incorrect calculations lead to cut paychecks, triggering corrective check runs and financial challenges for employees. Employees facing financial difficulties at the hands of management can lead to dissatisfaction and unwanted attrition, damaging the brand and making it harder to retain and recruit employees. Erroneous data, forms, and payments can lead to costly fines and penalties.  

  1. Challenges & Opportunities  

Time & Attendance Accuracy:

Time and Attendance Common Challenges and Solutions

Payroll Accuracy:

Payroll Common Challenges and Solutions

Quick Stat: The American Payroll Association shares that manual time tracking and time theft costs employers 5%-10% of payroll.

  1. The Power of a Unified Approach  

Greenshades offers an end-to-end solution that provides a complete, accurate, and transparent approach to managing your entire workforce.

Greenshades End-to-End Solution

Lathem offers PayClock® Online, Time Tracking Simplified.

Lathem PayClock Products and Compatible Technology
  • With comprehensive time tracking options, businesses can choose between physical time clocks, a mobile app with GPS, or web portal based on your unique needs. 
  • PayClock® Online is fully automated, providing 100% error-free calculations allowing you to accurately calculate hours for payroll based on your specific business rules. 
  • Lathem's powerful technology is simplified to ensure easy adoption and use.  
  • Valuable labor analytics are available instantly with over 50 standard reports to gain control and insight into your company.  

Lathem's 5-Point Assurance: 

  1. Free installation and setup assistance – PayClock® Online will be up and running within hours or days, not weeks or months 
  2. Free US-based technical support – contact Lathem anytime for immediate assistance from a tenured expert 
  3. Hardware support with a lifetime warranty – Lathem will ship replacements the same day if your clock ever goes down  
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee – avoid buyer's remorse or long-term commitments  
  5. Trade-up program – upgrade to the latest technology at any time  

Greenshades and Lathem share many common goals, offering exceptional value to small and mid-sized businesses:  

  1. Fully automated and designed specifically for small and medium businesses  
  2. Supporting compliance and compliance practices "right out of the box." 
  3. Configurable and flexible to meet your unique business needs  
  4. Easy to use, own, scale, and keep pace with your changing operational needs 
  5. Unwavering dedication to customer success, you are NEVER just a number  


To learn more about the Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform and Payroll Accuracy, contact or visit   

For more information about PayClock Online or Time and Attendance Accuracy, visit Lathem

Watch the entire on-demand webinar, Accuracy Counts: The Critical Links Between Time, Attendance & Payroll.  

Visit and click on the resources tab, where we keep you in the know about future webinars. 

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