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5 Benefits of Greenshades’ Integration with Dynamics 365 BC

Lauren DeBisschop
Apr 30, 2024
10 min

Integrating business management systems is crucial for any organization aiming to boost efficiency and stay ahead of ever-changing market dynamics. By integrating Greenshades Payroll and HR with Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), you unlock the full potential of both platforms, dramatically improving your operational efficiency.

In this post, we examine five key benefits of integrating Greenshades with Dynamics 365 BC, especially in optimizing payroll, HR, and tax workflows.

Why Integrating ERP and Payroll Systems Matters

Unifying your ERP system with a payroll solution transforms your business operations, boosting efficiency and accuracy across the board. This integration provides real-time data access, which is vital for informed decision-making and staying compliant with ever-changing tax regulations. It centralizes the management of employee data, time reporting, and payroll processing, reducing duplicate data entry and minimizing errors.

Ultimately, the synergy between ERP and payroll systems not only streamlines operations but also improves resource allocation and promotes a smoother experience for your employees. It’s more than convenient; it's a strategic enhancement that promises long-term benefits.

Embrace the full potential of Greenshades and Dynamics 365 BC integration to uplift your business practices.

Exploring Greenshades and Dynamics 365 Integration

Greenshades provides an agile Payroll and HR solution that integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 BC, allowing businesses to manage the entire employee lifecycle on a single platform—from hiring to retirement. This integration elevates Dynamics 365 BC across five important aspects.

1. Enhanced Payroll Processing

Integrating Greenshades with Dynamics 365 BC optimizes payroll management. Greenshades automates payroll calculations, effectively reducing errors and ensuring compliance. The cloud-based setup supports real-time payroll adjustments, refining the entire process end-to-end while boosting overall efficiency.

Key features of the Greenshades payroll solution include:

  • Smart Payroll Wizard: Manage payroll with an intelligent payroll wizard, automating calculations and ensuring compliance every step of the way.
  • Automated Calculations: Assemble workflows to automatically apply garnishments, deductions, and tax calculations during payroll.
  • Flexibility and Control: Configure payroll to suit your needs and process pay runs on your terms.

2. Efficient Project Accounting

Linking payroll data to the Dynamics 365 BC’s Projects Module addresses detailed accounting needs. By utilizing unlimited payroll codes and custom fields, you can break down labor expenses into more detailed categories, connecting earnings to specific locations, projects, clients, and more. This capability not only elevates project accounting but also enhances budget accuracy, enriches financial reporting, and delivers deeper financial insights for superior management.

Integrating custom fields from the payroll process to the BC Projects Module is straightforward:

  • Sync with Timekeeping: Automatically import labor hours from your preferred timekeeping system.
  • Easily Apply Custom Fields: All your custom fields populate during the payroll workflow for effortless application.
  • Seamlessly Sync Across Platforms: Upon completion of the pay run, payroll data is automatically transmitted to the BC Projects Module.

3. Streamlined Compliance Management

Greenshades ensures your business stays compliant with essential regulations. Our system boosts both pre- and post-payroll compliance with automated checks that simplify processes, save time, and prevent costly tax errors. This comprehensive automation of compliance tasks across various levels offers peace of mind while minimizing risks.

The Greenshades tax and compliance solution provides many key advantages:

  • End-to-End Information Flow: Allow employee, payroll, and vendor information to flow directly from Dynamics 365 BC into the Greenshades’ reporting solution.
  • ACA and General HR Compliance: Keep compliant with Affordable Care Act provisions through continuous real-time validation and 1095-C reporting at year end.
  • Continuous Regulatory Updates: The Greenshades solution is continuously updated to reflect the latest compliance regulations across local, state, and federal levels.

4. Comprehensive HR Management

Greenshades centralizes all HR activities in one secure location, enhancing employee management and optimizing HR tasks. Enable straightforward and efficient self-service workflows for common HR tasks such as change requests and manager approvals. By eliminating repetitive data entry, our tools free up HR teams to focus on day-to-day responsibilities and strategic initiatives that drive organizational success.

Unify payroll and HR activities within one system utilizing features such as:

  • Configurable Onboarding: Tailor the onboarding process to meet specific business requirements, providing new employees with a personalized experience.
  • Document Management: Efficiently manage all HR-related documents, ensuring they are easily accessible and securely stored, protecting sensitive information.
  • Self-Service Portals: Allow employees to take control of their HR data, from personal information to benefits and payroll.

5. Improved Tax and Year-End Filings

Integrating Greenshades with Dynamics 365 BC not only streamlines the creation and distribution of essential payroll tax and year-end documents but also ensures submissions are timely and accurate. With this integration, you can keep up with payroll tax payments and enjoy a stress-free year-end process. Greenshades simplifies this by pulling necessary information directly from your Dynamics system.

Promote precision and reliability with all tax and year-end filings:

  • Simplified Tax Filing Processes: Utilize a smooth workflow to collect and validate data, create forms, and conduct thorough reviews before filing.
  • Accurate Document Distribution: Greenshades facilitates easy monitoring and filing of all necessary tax returns, new hire forms,1095-C filings, and more.
  • Proactive Regulation Monitoring: Greenshades actively monitors compliance requirements and promptly adapts to changes at the federal, state, and local levels.

Take Your Operations to New Heights with Greenshades and Dynamics 365

Integrating Greenshades with Dynamics 365 BC not only maximizes the capabilities of both platforms but also redefines how your business handles payroll, HR, and tax functions. Leverage this powerful integration to enhance control, compliance, and efficiency in your operations.

Expert Support Tailored for You

Benefit from expert support by individuals who understand both Greenshades payroll and Dynamics ERP systems inside and out. Greenshades maintains strong relationships with resellers and the Microsoft channel to ensure you always receive informed and effective support.

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