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Alleviate the workload of your supervisors and finance team with Greenshades simple time and attendance solution.
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Save Time and Resources on Reviewing Labor

Effortlessly breeze through timesheet reviews and confidently identify areas of concern with swift approval, saving valuable hours of tedious manual work.
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Efficient Approval Process
Allow administrators to easily track the progress of each timesheet and identify which ones need approval using the Timesheet Review Center.
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Real-Time Labor Insight
Empower administrators with comprehensive access to employee timesheets, allowing them to smoothly track employees who are currently clocked in.
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Configurable Views
Tailor the roles within the system to match your organizational structure and ensure efficient distribution of timecard approval tasks among administrators.

How it Works

Equip your managers with the tools they need to view, correct, and approve timesheets with ease.
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View Timesheets

The Timesheet Review Center provides valuable visibility, allowing managers to identify and prioritize timesheets that need their attention.

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Drill Down into the Details

Managers can drill down into hours worked, overtime, work location, and more to ensure everything is accurate before timesheet approval.

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Approve and Send to Payroll

Once the timesheet is approved, it is automatically sent over to payroll to reduce the need for manual entry.

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Clear and Concise Review Process

Through the intuitive dashboard, enable your team to review submitted timesheets, identify discrepancies, and easily perform actions such as approving, comparing, editing, or rejecting timesheets. This user-friendly interface simplifies the entire timesheet review process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Enhanced Supervisor and Employee Collaboration
Effectively communicate with employees by sending messages for inquiries, requesting timesheet resubmission when necessary, and delegating the approval process to appointed individuals.
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Delegate the Approval Process

Managers can delegate the task of approving timesheets on a temporary or ongoing basis, allowing your different supervisors to lean on each other instead of requiring HR to be involved.

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Customizable Communication Across Teams

Send messages to groups of employees reminding them about their open timesheets or any other company event. These messages can be tailored to your preferences, ranging from simple and concise to visually appealing with custom images and backgrounds.

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Our Customers Say It Best
"Greenshades reduces the time required to accomplish certain tasks and makes the process more efficient and organized. This, in turn, frees up time to dedicate to the process improvements that sustain the company’s growth."
Angelo Tremolada
Corporate Controller, CPA, CGMA
“Employees are always very quick to respond, and if they are unable to assist, forward to the appropriate person. Always very friendly.”
ARC of Southern Maryland
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