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Why Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Users Should Consider Greenshades

Lauren DeBisschop
Aug 18, 2023
10 min

How Greenshades transforms payroll and enhances the Dynamics GP experience.

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For over 20 years, Greenshades has proudly partnered with Microsoft, developing payroll, HR, and tax solutions that significantly enhance business processes for countless users of Microsoft ERP and business management software.

If you are a GP user wondering why you should consider Greenshades, look no further. This blog will unveil the reasons why the Greenshades Payroll solution surpasses the GP payroll system. Moreover, with seamless integration between Greenshades and GP, you can optimize your payroll experience while retaining GP as your trusted business management software, elevating both aspects of your operations.

Watch our recent webinar Modernize Your ERP Payroll Solution with Greenshades to explore the possibilities of enhanced HR, tax, and payroll functionalities.

What Microsoft Dynamics GP was Built For

Dynamics GP is an extensive business management software suite that offers a wide range of modules designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of your operations. The system hosts modules dedicated to accounting, order processing, inventory management, customer relationship management, manufacturing, project management, human resources, payroll, business intelligence, and reporting.

Dynamics GP facilitates efficient management of finances, operations, and customer relationships, driving improved operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.  

What the Dynamics GP Payroll Module Lacks

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a powerful business management software suite, but there are certain limitations to consider when evaluating the suitability of Dynamics GP’s modules for your business.

When it comes to GP's payroll software, it has earned a reputation for its workflow complexity. The presence of pop-up windows adds extra steps and time to the payroll process, requiring additional clicks and navigation. As a result, new HR and payroll administrators may face a learning curve as they familiarize themselves with a legacy system that lacks intuitive functionalities.  

Furthermore, on-premises payroll software lacks flexibility, so handling more complex payroll functions, such as multi-company setups, may require creative workarounds, further extending the time it takes to process payroll.  

Business Growth with Dynamics GP

The payroll module in GP Dynamics has traditionally served as a reliable solution for basic payroll and HR needs, however, it presents limitations for businesses aiming to expand and scale their operations. For example, GP's payroll system exclusively supports ERP solutions within the Microsoft community.

As a result, if you are currently using GP payroll and plan to transition to a cloud-based ERP system in the future, you will be required to switch payroll providers. The process of switching both ERP systems and payroll providers can be a challenging task.  

What Greenshades Provides for Payroll

While processing payroll within your GP system may have worked until now, does it provide the most efficient and effective solution for the future? By leveraging Greenshades' Payroll, HR, and Tax solution, you enhance your GP system with a cloud-based payroll solution that simplifies complex processes and calculations.

Here are some key advantages of using Greenshades Payroll:

  • Flexibility and Power: Run payroll on your own terms and schedule, and unlimited pay runs come at no extra cost. Configure the software to align with your unique payroll needs and define payroll codes to precisely calculate payroll. Easily handle complex shifts, blended overtime, multiple locations, intricate withholdings, and more.
  • Control of Cash Flow: Retain control over your funds by paying payroll taxes when they are due, rather than having an outsourced payroll provider pre-funding your tax account.
  • Open API: Seamlessly connect with your critical business systems, such as ERP, timekeeping, or business management systems, using the open API.
  • Employee Engagement: Offer employees various payment options, including paper checks, direct deposit, or banking options like Branch. Provide easy access to pay stubs, important forms, and documents through the employee self-service (ESS) portal.
  • Ease-of-Use: With Greenshades, you can run the entire payroll process step-by-step within one simple workflow. The payroll wizard automatically calculates complex location-specific tax withholdings, keeping you compliant with FLSA workplace guidelines.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Easily stay up to date on federal, state, and local tax rates, as well as laws and regulations from agencies like FLSA, EEOC, and ACA.  

Gartner predicts that over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms by 2025; it's essential to consider the scalability of your business. Processing payroll within Dynamics GP may require migrating all key business processes simultaneously when transitioning to the cloud.

By utilizing Greenshades Payroll, a cloud-based solution with an open API, you gain the flexibility to integrate with systems of your choice. This allows for a smoother transition and relieves the burden of migrating all operations at once.  

Farmer’s Union Unlocked Freedom and Flexibility with Cloud-Based Payroll

At Greenshades, we have multiple customers who have successfully migrated from a Dynamics ERP to Greenshades Payroll. One specific case study exemplifies the transformative impact of making the switch.

Farmers Union Mutual Insurance recognized the necessity to upgrade their payroll system from an on-premise solution that restricted their adaptability to modern work environments. By embracing Greenshades Payroll, Farmers Union gained the flexibility of a cloud-based solution, liberating VPN space and empowering their workforce to operate remotely.

Since adopting Greenshades' cloud-based payroll solution, Farmers Union Mutual Insurance has enjoyed improved convenience and reaped the rewards of an enhanced employee experience through Greenshades' self-service portal.

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Scaling for the Future

As you consider your business's future growth needs, it is critical to thoroughly assess your specific requirements and explore alternative solutions to Dynamics GP payroll that might better suit your evolving needs. Exploring cloud-based ERP systems and flexible payroll providers can offer greater scalability, functionality, and ease of use, enabling a smoother transition and improved payroll processes for your business.

Schedule a demo with one of our representatives and see how to elevate your payroll processes with Greenshades.

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