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5 Reasons to Start with Payroll

Moving Payroll to the Cloud offers flexibility, enhances security, and empowers your employees. Get all the tips you'll need in this one FREE eBook.
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Greenshades makes payroll simplified. We'll show you exactly why:

  • Payroll has evolved beyond a basic ERP function
  • Empowering payroll teams is the key to success
  • An all encompassing implementation can create lots of challenges
  • Modernizing payroll helps mitigate risks and compliance issues
  • Running payroll in the cloud delivers maximum security and flexibility
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Welcome to the NEW way to payroll.

Businesses that migrate payroll to the cloud as a standalone project see greater success than companies that just rope payroll into the new ERP without input from the actual payroll department. Payroll needs its own project and its own attention, and there are significant risks involved for doing it the old way.
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