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4 Tips to Simplify Your Year-End Tax Reporting

Lauren DeBisschop
Nov 30, 2023

Helpful strategies to make your year-end forms process easier.

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Year-end can be overwhelming for a business, especially with payroll and employee management. You have to deal with navigating complex compliance regulations, handle payroll tax calculations, and keep up with changing laws, not to mention tackling all the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) business forms.  

But the year-end process, inevitable as it is, does not have to be daunting. With Greenshades’ tax and payroll solutions, you can make this busy season more manageable.

Let’s explore four tips to make your year-end tax reporting season a breeze.

1. Stay Prepared for Year-End Reporting

Consistently track essential information for year-end reporting by regularly updating financial records, reconciling accounts, and managing payroll taxes. This ongoing preparedness reduces year-end stress and the need for last-minute tax help.

Getting a head start on your year-end forms saves money, alleviates stress and much more. Read how here: 5 Benefits of Getting a Head Start on Year-End Forms.

2. Develop a Year-End Forms Strategy

Having a well-defined plan is crucial for successful year-end tax reporting. Ensure every team member knows their responsibilities, from data gathering to account reconciling and form proofing. Having a plan, setting internal deadlines, and organizing filing methods will streamline your process.

Explore more resources related to year-end here: Year-End Forms 2023 Resources.

3. Keep an Eye on All Year-End Form Reporting Deadlines

Your business will have many returns to file and various documents to send out. Stay ahead of multiple filing deadlines by implementing a system to keep your team informed and on schedule. Missing deadlines can lead to penalties, so precision is crucial.

Are you up to date with all the changes to this year’s forms? Navigating Year-End Form Changes: Webinar Recap.

4. Harness the Power of Tax & Compliance Technology

Tax preparation may feel overwhelming, but modern technology has transformed this task. Embrace technology to simplify tax preparation. Tools and software like Greenshades significantly ease the process, saving time and reducing stress.

Did you hear about the IRS's recent update on e-filing requirements? This year, if you are filing 10 or more cumulative returns, electronic filing is most likely required. Check out the details here.

Electronic Filing is Becoming the Norm for Year-End Filing

The IRS has significantly advanced its e-filing capabilities. In 2021, approximately 78% of the nearly 200 million tax returns filed annually were processed electronically.

E-filing year-end tax forms is popular due to its speed, accuracy, and convenience. The IRS, aiming for an 80% e-filing rate, encourages this for a wide range of forms. This year, they lowered the threshold that mandates certain businesses utilize this filing method.

Need help with your e-filing strategy? Check out our recent webinar - Master E-Filing with Greenshades: Strategies for Year-End Form Submission.

Make Year-End Forms Season a Breeze

Strategically preparing for tax season can save your business time, money, and avoid unnecessary stress. Stay ready, have a clear year-end forms plan, keep track of deadlines, and leverage technology to streamline the entire tax preparation process.  

At Greenshades, we understand the complexities of year-end tax reporting season and are here to help you navigate it efficiently. With our support, you can confidently tackle your tax obligations and empower your business for success.

Together, we can make tax season a breeze.

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