Greenshades Software is excited to Announces a new Alliance with Lathem Time

May 2, 2022
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Greenshades, is committed to continuously innovating our marketplace, with technology partners that integrate into the Greenshades solutions.  Our newest strategic partnership is with Lathem Time, a leading employee time and attendance management system provider. The goal of this partnership is to integrate with each other's platforms and create an advanced end-to-end labor management solution.  

As a leader in payroll, HR, and compliance solutions, Greenshades is always looking for ways to streamline and automate payroll and HR functions for our clients. Lathem shares this sentiment, a similar company culture, a parallel approach to the market, and a shared focus on addressing the needs of “deskless workers” and the ever-changing workforce.  

“Partnering with Lathem is an exciting step for Greenshades Payroll Platform. Offering time-clock solutions have been a strategic aim for Greenshades, and we are proud to partner with one of the longest-standing brands in the workforce industry. This partnership will streamline and offer full-service solutions to the most complex back-office problems employers face,” Rob Bright, VP of Sales.

In case you missed it, you can find the full press release here.

Or click the link to learn more about the Greenshades and Lathem partnership.

For more about deskless workers, an on-demand recap of our latest webinar, 2022: The Year of the Deskless Worker, is available here.

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