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On-Demand Webinar: 2022 The Year of the Deskless Worker

Apr 29, 2022

Learn how to manage payroll and HR for an increasingly mobile and remote workforce.  

The webinar, hosted by Rob Bright, Greenshades’ VP of Sales, covers 4 major topics:  

  1. Defining the Deskless Worker
  1. Recognizing their wants, needs, and resources  
  1. Reviewing a checklist of technology, services, and support  
  1. Ensuring you maintain compliance amidst increasing complexity  

1. Defining the Deskless Worker.

Historically, deskless workers are referred to as individuals who are not tethered to a desk or desktop for their day-to-day tasks. For example, nursing, food service, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, etc. During the pandemic, many of these roles took on the title of “essential worker”. 80% of the global workforce falls under the traditional definition of “Deskless Worker”.

2. Recognizing their wants, needs, and resources.

Deskless does not mean disconnected, in fact, deskless workers rely on the same technology that traditional office workers do, but often do not have access to it.

70% of deskless workers state that more technology would help them perform better at work.

Workers want to feel more connected:

People are spending less time in centralized locations (like an office) and with the increasing number of hybrid workers, all workers want:

  • Access to information  
  • Access to resources  
  • Access to applications  

Giving workers the access and technology they need will help them better connect with the business and each other.  

Workers want to feel supported:

  • As the “Great Resignation”, high turnover, and increased workloads across all industries occur, workers want to feel supported and are taking support, technology and empowerment into consideration when choosing a job.  
  • Software and investments in technology are increasingly seen to improve the overall employee experience. Investments in Payroll, HR, and Benefits are some of the top-requested technologies.

Workers want technology on their own terms:

  • Easy-to-use: consumer-grade functionality
  • Empowering: self-service/self-learning features
  • Transparent: deliver clarity into pay, hours, benefits, and other similar information
  • Always Available: access information and resources from anywhere at anytime

3. Checklist: Technology, services and support designed to address all workers.

There are four key areas and fourteen “must have” features that Greenshades makes sure to check off. This checklist can be configured to your employees, their needs and your overall business needs.  

  • Payroll: Wages and Fair Labor, Validation, Schedules, and Accuracy  
  • HR & Benefits: Self-Service Tools, Automated Employee Data, Support All Benefit Types, Employee Empowerment  
  • Taxes: Automated Tax Codes, Tax Compliance, Support All Tax Types
  • Usability: Seamless Integration, Modern Experience, “Mobile-First” Mindset

For the full checklist and a detailed explanation, watch the webinar replay above.

4. Ensuring you maintain compliance amidst increasing complexity.

Staying compliant, especially regarding taxation, is incredibly complex. New workplace trends are introducing new levels of complexity into remaining compliant. Tax rates, policies and programs all vary from state to state, even from city to city. Compliance is important, plain and simple, never worry about remote workers, out of state employees, or different tax codes.

Greenshades Software is a leader in payroll, tax, HR, and compliance software. Greenshades delivers an independent, unified, cloud-based platform with personalized support from an experienced team to a diverse range of businesses. With 20 years of experience, 4,000+ clients and growing, and with an average client tenure of 11 years, Greenshades can transform your payroll, tax, and HR challenges into strategic opportunities.

To learn more about how Greenshades helps deskless workers read our e-book or contact

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