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Lathem Time Tracking

Lathem has been the leading innovator in employee time and attendance solutions for over 100 years. The PayClock time clock system cuts payroll preparation time in half and eliminates time theft. Easy-to-use online software, mobile apps, and proximity badge or biometric timeclocks simplify employee time tracking for companies of all sizes and industries. 


Time Clock Solutions to Cut Payroll Time in Half and Eliminate Costly Errors
Check out this video testimonial to hear how Florida Heart & Vascular Associates is able to easily manage their employees' time and attendance with the PayClock Online system.
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PayClock - Time and Attendance Simplified
A PayClock employee time clock system lets you track & manage employee time - anywhere, anytime, with real-time on demand access to essential workforce time information. Easy-to-use online software, free mobile apps, and reliable employee time clocks help to simplify employee time & attendance. Track, access, and manage all your employee time data accurately and even remotely. Detailed reports and seamless payroll integration makes payroll processing so much easier.
Employee Time Clocks & Attendance Systems
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