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Greenshades and Bullhorn: The Solution for Efficient Staffing Company Operations

Danica Weappa
Apr 25, 2023

As staffing companies continue to face challenges in managing their payroll and financial operations, it is crucial to have a reliable solution that can optimize their processes and provide greater visibility and control. At Greenshades, we understand these challenges and have developed a comprehensive offering that includes payroll, taxes, benefits management, time and labor, and HR, along with a tight integration with Bullhorn and their Bullhorn One platform.

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Optimize Staffing Processes with Bullhorn-Greenshades Integration

Our integration with Bullhorn ensures a unified solution, improving overall productivity and reducing operational costs. Candidate data from Bullhorn One is used to create a holistic employee record within Greenshades, which is critical for accurate tax calculations. The data is automatically populated in the pay run process, so there's no need for manual exports or imports. In addition, the integration easily handles adjustments and negative pay.

Greenshades Solves Staffing Agency Challenges

With our cloud-based payroll, HR, and tax solution, Greenshades works with any CRM/ATS, including Bullhorn. Our expert tax and compliance services ensure that you stay ahead of pay-related rules, regulations, and policies, and never miss a deadline. We automatically manage tax calculations to account for reciprocity agreements and factor in each employee’s home and work locations to stay compliant.

Additionally, we understand the unique challenges that staffing organizations face, such as managing payroll across multiple tax jurisdictions and dealing with intricate pay scenarios. Our platform accommodates virtually every workforce and payroll scenario, so you have the ability to manage transient employees and empower multiple administrators.

Making Payroll, HR, and Tax Simple with Greenshades

If you are tired of the complexities of managing payroll and taxes for your staffing company, Greenshades can help you refine and improve the process. We take pride in providing exceptional customer support to our clients, knowing that personal connection and communication are key to a successful partnership. Discover how simple payroll, HR, and taxes can be with Greenshades and our integration with Bullhorn. Contact us today to learn more.

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