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Insights from Bullhorn’s GRID 2023 Industry Trends Report for Staffing Agencies

Danica Weappa
Mar 23, 2023

What the Key Takeaways from Bullhorn's GRID 2023 Report Mean for Staffing Companies

Bullhorn recently released their GRID 2023 Industry Trends Report, where they surveyed over 2,000 recruitment agencies globally to identify the trends that matter for 2023. As an operations software for staffing and recruiting agencies, Bullhorn executes this survey each year to help agencies make informed decisions for their business.

Highlights from the 2023 GRID Industry Trends Report

Here are some key insights from the report:  

  1. High-performing firms leveraged technology to achieve tremendous growth. The report found that the top-performing firms were those that invested in technology to streamline their processes and gain a competitive edge.  
  1. Top performers are doubling down on digital transformation in 2023. The report revealed that top-performing firms are prioritizing digital transformation initiatives to remain ahead of the curve.  
  1. For the first time in 6 years, developing new clients is the number one priority. Winning new business has overtaken talent acquisition as the top priority for staffing firms. This jump correlates with the rise of economic uncertainty and pricing pressure as top challenges.  
  1. Firms are reacting to a labor market that remains tight. With the ongoing talent shortage, staffing firms are taking proactive measures to develop talent pools and retain top performers.  

The report also highlighted how recruitment agencies are using technology to transform their business. Surprisingly, less than one-fifth of respondents regularly utilize automation to optimize key processes. However, 42% of staffing firms are automating payroll and billing, while 33% are automating onboarding.  

screenshot of GRID slide showing automation numbers

Greenshades and Bullhorn: A Unified Experience

At Greenshades, we understand the importance of leveraging technology to streamline payroll and financial operations for staffing companies. Bullhorn aims to help staffing companies refine their operations, improve their productivity, and ultimately grow their business. Greenshades' integration with Bullhorn allows for a unified solution that can automate payroll and billing, as well as other key processes, improving overall productivity and reducing operational costs.  

As the recruitment industry continues to evolve, it's crucial for staffing firms to stay ahead of the curve by investing in technology and digital transformation initiatives. Contact us today to learn more about how Greenshades and Bullhorn One can help your staffing firm succeed in 2023 and beyond.

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