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BurgerBusters, Inc. – Saving Time and Money with Greenshades

Lauren DeBisschop
Dec 1, 2022

There are multiple challenges when it comes to managing employees across numerous locations, but topping that list are effectively communicating with a largely deskless workforce and properly calculating taxes for each location. Those challenges are amplified when payroll and HR teams are already stretched thin.

For BurgerBusters, Inc. (BurgerBusters), one of the leading Taco Bell franchise operators with locations spanning four states, these obstacles became significant enough to evaluate their processes. In doing so, they turned to Greenshades for relief.

Between inefficient HR systems and outsourced payroll, BurgerBusters saw a unique opportunity to reduce spending and improve operations. Greenshades played a key role in helping the business to do just that, resulting in cost reductions of more than $200,000 per year.

Slow Processes Affect Employees

As a company grows, they must be able to scale their business processes. Most importantly, organizations must have an accurate payroll and HR system that can handle the increasingly complex needs of their employees. As BurgerBusters grew to 2,200+ employees, processing payroll became more challenging and more expensive.

Their process was also putting their employees at a disadvantage. Managers could not verify that workers were being paid correctly because they had limited visibility into the outsourced payroll system. Additionally, it was difficult for BurgerBusters to verify that their pay data was transferring to their General Ledger correctly.

Compounding this issue was the fact that many other employee-facing processes were still paper-based. Vacation requests, address changes, tax forms – everything was done by hand and faxed to the person that handled HR. Over time, it became clear that this inefficient and costly process was taking a toll on the business and its employees.  

Greenshades to the Rescue

After evaluating the BurgerBusters business model and understanding their biggest challenges, Greenshades worked with the company to implement multiple process improvements. Greenshades solutions are designed to fully integrate with GP (Great Plains) payroll, so leveraging several key features was seamless for the BurgerBusters team, including:

  • Greenshades Online Employee Self-Service
  • Profile Maintenance
  • Direct Deposit Administration
  • Time-off Requests
  • HR Documents
  • Payroll Tax Service
  • Dynamics Payroll Inspector
  • Garnishments

With all the new solutions up and running, BurgerBusters has been able to run payroll in-house with complete control over the process.  


Saving Money with Greenshades

Since switching to Greenshades, BurgerBusters has recognized substantial financial gains. They have saved money on staff time by running payroll in-house and on paper by processing everything electronically. In total, BurgerBusters has saved over $1,000,000 since implementing these process improvements. Employees additionally have benefitted from a more straightforward process to submit requests for vacation, tax documents, and more.  

Overall, Greenshades solutions have helped BurgerBusters save a substantial amount of money, but most importantly, it has brought their team peace of mind in their payroll and HR processes.

“Greenshades gave us the capability to take our existing processes and automate them.”

-Jennifer Korbely, Controller, BurgerBusters Inc.

BurgerBusters full case study viewable on computer
To learn more about their success, view the full case study.

About BurgerBusters Inc.

BurgerBusters Inc., headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, owns and operates 82 Taco Bell restaurants, including 74 free-standing Taco Bell restaurants, 5 Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express restaurants, and 3 Taco Bell/ KFC. Located in four states, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia - BurgerBusters generates over $140 million in annual sales. They employ over 2,200 employees and rank 85 out of the top 200 franchises in the United States. To learn more, visit their website.

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