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Expensive and Challenging Processes

BurgerBusters, Inc. owns 82 Taco Bell restaurants and operates as a large, multi-state franchise. Before Greenshades, Burgerbusters was outsourcing payroll and doing many of their HR processes on paper. As time went on, it became clear that their processes were expensive and unsustainable for growth.

The Advantages Gained with Greenshades

Increased Control of Payroll
BurgerBusters was empowered with transparency and visibility into their Great Plains payroll system.
Increased Efficiency
By going 100% paperless, employees can now submit all requests electronically with no hassle.

Visibility, Control, and Significant Cost-Savings

By implementing multiple Greenshades solutions, BurgerBusters automated many processes and eliminated paper documentation. In total, they recognize over $200,000 in cost savings per year because of the switch. Employees and employers also enjoy peace of mind from a much simpler payroll and HR system.
Our Customers Say It Best
"Greenshades gave us the capability to take our existing processes and automate them."
Jennifer Korbely
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