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Case Study
BurgerBusters Inc.
BurgerBusters Inc., headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, owns and operates 82 Taco Bell restaurants, including 74 free-standing Taco Bell restaurants, 5 Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express restaurants, and 3 Taco Bell/ KFC. Located in four states, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia - BurgerBusters generates over $140 million in annual sales. They employ over 2,200 employees and rank 85 out of the top 200 franchises in the United States.
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BurgerBusters Inc. Saves $200,000 a Year Just By Bringing Payroll In-House

"Greenshades gave us the capability to take our existing processes and automate them."

Business Challenges

• Initially, BurgerBusters outsourced payroll, which was incredibly expensive. One of the disadvantages of outsourcing payroll was the lack of transparency and minimal visibility. BurgerBusters felt uncertain if employees were being paid correctly and pay-runs reporting to General Ledger accurately.

• BurgerBusters relied on paper forms for everything. From vacation requests to address changes, forms were filled out manually and then faxed to HR. Not only did these slow down requests, but it was also wasteful. W-2s, W-4s, and paystubs were paper, which lead to a distributor manually sending out a huge stack of forms to all the stores.

The Greenshades Solution

BurgerBusters uses the following Greenshades products: Greenshades Online Employee Self­ Service, Profile Maintenance, Direct Deposit Administration, Time-off Requests, HR Documents, Payroll Tax Service, Dynamics Payroll Inspector, and Garnishments. Greenshades solutions are complementary to GP payroll and have allowed BurgerBusters to effectively and successfully run payroll in-house and reap the benefits of transparency, visibility, and control.

Rapid Results

• 100% paperless - employees can request vacation, address changes, and complete W4s electronically.

• Greenshades helped BurgerBusters recognize nearly $1,000,000 in cost-savings since implementation.

• Complete visibility and control regarding payroll processes.

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