Understanding the State of Payroll in 2022

In the third quarter of 2022, the HR Research Institute and Greenshades undertook a joint effort to study the current state of payroll security, regulation, and innovation. Their findings revealed organizations are currently challenged by remote and hybrid work, costly security breaches, cryptocurrencies, and earned wage access. Download the report, The Challenges of Payroll and Compliance in 2022-23, to learn more.

The Complexities of Payroll

Recent global events and current economic conditions have created significant challenges for payroll professionals. In our recent report, The Challenges of Payroll and Compliance in 2022-23, learn how payroll professionals can stay ahead of these challenges:
  • Discover how many organizations experience challenges with compliance due to everchanging regulations.
  • Read about how automation is a playing a key role in solving some of the biggest compliance issues for businesses.
  • Learn how organizations are focused on preventing security breaches to limit disruptions to their services.
  • And more!
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