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By offering a healthier way to pay, Paytient eliminates stress and empowers people to access and afford the care they need.  Whether they're visiting a doctor, dentist, optometrist, or just heading to the local pharmacy for medications, members are able to swipe their Paytient cards to cover the upfront cost of care and then split it into a payment plan that meshes with their finances -- all without any interest or fees.

Helping People Better Access and Afford Care
Unlock a healthier way to pay for care with Paytient. We offer an interest-, credit check-, and fee-free customized payment plans for your health care needs. Simply pay with your Paytient card, and choose how you want to pay each transaction back on your terms.
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Empower Your Employees with Access to Care
Introducing the way for employees to pay for healthcare over time without doing financial harm.
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