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myHRcounsel™ was born out of decades of employment law experience and basic computing skills. We decided to make Human Resources digital, and provide a resource that delivers legally backed answers to any HR question at a price that is affordable and predictable. And we’ll do it in minutes/hours versus days or weeks!

Your Affordable HR & Business Compliance Solution
A lot of human resources services come with disclaimers — like "better run it by a lawyer first" — and high price tags. myHRcounsel solves both problems, giving you 24/7 access to experienced attorneys for a low, fixed monthly rate
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myHRcounsel Packages
ASK HR- Our most popular package includes on demand access to employment attorneys for your HR and employment needs. Get started today for $75 per month. ASK Pro- Our full-suite compliance package that includes employment, business, and corporate law support. Get started today for $249 per month.
Why myHRcounsel?
Find out just how myHRcounsel's team of lawyers can help keep your business running smoothly.
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