Accuracy Counts: The Critical Links Between Time, Attendance, and Payroll Webinar

Oct 6, 2022 @ 1:00PM ET

According to a recent survey, 1 in 6 employees stated that a single inaccurate paycheck would make them quit. This might initially seem like an overreaction, but the picture becomes clearer when you consider the unique economic climate we’re facing today – skyrocketing cost of living expenses and extraordinarily low unemployment numbers. Pay accuracy has never been more critical, and hand-in-hand with payroll precision is time and attendance accuracy. (After all, if the hours recorded and calculated are wrong, the paycheck will also be wrong.) During this webinar, we’ll explore:

- Key contributors to payroll and time capture errors

- Best practices for mitigating those errors  

- Insights into how the right time and attendance and payroll technologies can:

- Accurately capture and calculate overtime pay

- Simplify capturing where work was completed and how many hours were logged in each area

- Automate the proper application and allocation of pay differentials (union or otherwise) that commonly lead to errors and employee dissatisfaction

Economic factors have made pay accuracy more critical than ever. In the Accuracy Counts webinar we will review contributors to payroll errors, best practices for mitigation of payroll errors, and insights into time and attendance and payroll technologies.

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