Unifying Payroll and Onboarding to Save Time and Increase Employee Efficiency

Payroll and HR Platform

Increased Demand Prompted a Need to Hire Additional Payroll Staff

Parks Marina faced escalating challenges in managing its expanding workforce, particularly during their busy summer season. Operating with separate onboarding and payroll systems, the company's payroll administrator struggled to keep pace with the rapid influx of seasonal employees, to the point of needing to hire an assistant to manage the growing workload.

The Advantages Gained with Greenshades

Agile Payroll Processing
With the capacity for on-the-fly adjustments, instant recalculations, and unlimited pay runs, Parks Marina boosted efficiency through an in-house solution.
Boosted Productivity
By centralizing all operations under one roof, data seamlessly flows from onboarding to HR and payroll, reducing manual data entry and easing the burden on the payroll administrator.

Payroll Workload Reduced to Improve Employee Efficiency

Parks Marina operates with a powerful, in-house Payroll and HR solution, perfectly tailored to meet the expanding needs of their business. The payroll administrator now effectively oversees the process independently and no longer requires additional staff, saving the company the equivalent of a $50,000 salary typically required for a payroll administrative assistant.
Our Customers Say It Best
"We're extremely pleased with our decision to choose Greenshades. Its easy-to-use interface, efficient onboarding and payroll processing, plus excellent customer support, have made all the difference."
Jenny Moran
Payroll Administrator
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