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Case Study
Coda Search
Since 2011, Coda Search (Coda) has been thriving as an executive search firm that specializes in identifying and placing candidates at all levels. In 2022, Coda experienced rapid growth as it expanded into 5 additional territories.
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Coda Search Streamlines Payroll and HR Processes, Accelerating Growth

"Greenshades' support staff is always accessible; you don't have to jump through hoops to speak with a live person as you do with larger payroll providers. Greenshades has never made us feel like a case number- personal connections and communication mean everything."
Leon Persaud

Business Challenges

Coda faced major challenges before working with Greenshades, including a lack of visibility and a cumbersome, time-consuming process that made it harder for management and staff to focus on their more strategic functions.

The Greenshades Solution

Coda implemented the Greenshades Payroll & HR Platform Plus, which includes payroll services, the complete HR and onboarding system, employee self-service, and the tax center. Implementation began mid to late February and was up and running by April 1. Implementation was rather quick despite undertaking an entirely new ERP solution, in conjunction with Greenshades.

Rapid Results

Coda now has improved visibility and better control of its payroll processes due to Greennshades.

  • Coda employees have easy access to an HR portal in Greenshades, giving them direct visibility to their paystubs, 40l(k), benefits, and other HR documents.
  • The Greenshades platform serves as the 'one-stop shop' for all HR-related things, from on boarding documents to company handbooks. With built-in notifications, automatic distribution of forms, and easy approval, the platform has streamlined the tasks involved for the limited HR staff.
  • Streamlining processes like payroll, and bringing them in-house, has prepared Coda for continued growth and expansion. Time previously spent on manual payroll and HR tasks are now spent on more strategic functions - allowing management to focus on the bigger picture. 2022 is trending to be the best year of business for Coda Search so far.
  • Greenshades' approach to multi-state calculations eliminates manual processes and increases accu­racy and compliance for Coda, which operates in multiple states and tax jurisdictions.
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